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This genealogy includes all relatives of Craig Sharrow discovered thru January 20, 2008. See below for most current online genealogy database.

Welcome to Craig Sharrow's Family Tree Website.

The genealogies listed here will grow and be updated
as more information about ancestors and relatives
is obtained. The primary paternal line is Sharrow-Charron.
In addition, I've uncovered hundreds of other
surnames belonging to ancestors' matrilineal lines.

Fortuitously, one maternal ancestor, Ann Blount is linked to many of the ancient royal families of Europe, and even back to the Roman, Marc Anthony. Otherwise two main branches of the patrilineal line trace their North American roots to 17th century Quebec and to Massachusetts. My matrilineal line is currently "stuck" c.1760 in Gorlice, Galicia [Austrian-occupied], Poland with slightly over 2,000 names.

. . . Including Descendants of Pierre Charron with an Emphasis on the Simon [Charron] Sharrow (1827-1879) Line

I believe that many if not most of the SHARROWs in North America are descendants of a Frenchman who emigrated to Quebec, Canada in the 1600s named Pierre Charron.

Information about these early Sharrow/Charron ancestors can be found at the Association du Charron et Ducharme.

My website focuses on one of the Charron descendants, Simon [Charron] Sharrow, who was born in St. Pierre Parish, Thames River or Tilbury East Twp., Kent County, Ontario, Canada, married Elizabeth Armstrong in Saginaw, MI (1858) and moved to East Tawas, Iosco County, Michigan in the 1860-70s.

Other Sharrows are welcome to send email to Craig Sharrow and forward their Sharrow ancestries in GEDCOM5.5 or PAF5.0 format. We hope to create a central resource for SHARROWs across the United States and Canada.

For the most current family tree, visit the Rootsweb craigsharrow database.

List of primary surnames being researched

???Sharrows in Yorkshire?

There is a possibility (currently unproven) that some Michigan Sharrows may have originated in Yorkshire, England -- perhaps even from the village called Sharow, near Ripon.
There's even an eponymous manor house, called Sharow Hall. Unfortunately, Sharow Hall does not appear to be our ancestoral manor house -- it was built by someone with a totally unrelated surname.

Some other information about this village can be found at:
Sharow Village Website
Sharow Village History
Sharow Historical Overview

There are definitely Sharrows in Yorkshire. Here's a start for your Yorkshire Sharrows search

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