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Meaning and Origin of Family Name

 If anyone knows the meaning of Dannelly (no matter the spelling), please send it to me so I may include it on this page. I do know that some Dannelley's came from Kilkenny, Ireland. I will also put other related family meanings and origins as I come across them. I would also like to include family crests. If you have a Dannelly crest, I would appreciate showing it here. Thanks

As I find meanings for the variants in the spelling of the surname, I will add it below.

DONNELLY (British). Possibly a modern form of the ancient Irish name "O'Dunghaile".



GOOTEE (promounced "GO-TAY" in English?) This variation was used by a family who migrated from France via England to the southeast United States. Variations of this name are GOATEE, GOUTY and GOWTY.

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