Submit Your Info

Submit Your Information

 1. All text documents should be in ascii dos text form, windows text or rich formatted text form.

2. All images should be in gif, jpg or bmp extensions. Don't worry how large the file is, I have an image cruncher.

3. All gedcom files should be in ged extension.

4. All genealogy reports need to be in text or rich formatted text form. I use Family Tree Maker.

5. Do not submit any information about living individuals. All gedcom files should be privatized before uploading. If you do not know how to do this, let me know and I can do it for you. I have GedPrivy and it takes only a matter of seconds to run the gedcom through the program.

Please submit your information. By submitting your information to this site, you make this site more helpful for your next cousin. We can't type everything ourselves, so please make sure it is ready to be uploaded when you email your information.

To submit your information, please: Just email me with your submission and don't forget to attach the file(s) to your email.


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