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        The Chase County Historical Society maintains files at its museum in Champion which contain information about Chase County residents.  Kermit Karns has been listing the contents of the files which we are presenting here.    The files are available for viewing at the museum and a photo copy machine is available to make copies of documents.  The museum is open on Sundays during the summer.  If you are going to be in Chase County at any other time, please e-mail the Webmasters listed below regarding making arrangements to visit the museum.    As you will note below, there are many documents, articles, pictures, etc. in these files, and it will take some time to complete them.  The museum is not heated in winter, and the files are being taken home to be indexed!   We will continue to add information to this page as we can.    Please note that the numbers listed with pictures are acquisition numbers assigned to the picture when it is given to the museum.



BRANDT, John short article, picture, 1 legged windmill.
CARD PLAYING - article - 1997


DAVIS, Albert B. query regarding - 1971
DIMICK Bible type record, G. H. DIMICK 1819-1873;
married 1841, HERRICK, Clarinda L., died 1886;


HARVEY, Ralph clipping, 50th anniversary 1976
HEIM; Sebastian 1862-1945, stories; Joe, 25th anniversary 1972
HERSHEY correspondence, 4 pieces
HIER 2 pictures; William, Esther; #777 and  #814;
HILL, Angelo 4 page story
HILL, Valdo 5 pieces
HILL, W. C. article, 1938  
HILL, Willie J. empty
HINK, Edward Adolph parade 1960; picture #1134; obituary 1987
HIXON letter, 3pages, 1901
HOFF, Dwight long article, WWII experience, 1995
HOFF, Myrtle 2 articles, 1987, 1997
HOFFMEISTER, Anoma (Clark)
File #1
Nebraska Writers guild Bulletin,
(yearbook) April 1983;
Article on Anoma by Loral Johnson (Prime Time, Nov 1997)
HOFFMEISTER, Anoma, File #2; Picture, Anoma, 1928
Picture, 1966, #98
Correspondence, Virginia Coffee, Harrison NE, 1966
Correspondence, Nebraska State, 1965-66
Article, Imperial Republican, Nov 6 1969
Clipping, tour group, 1975
Correspondence, Nebraskaland magazine, 1979
HOFFMEISTER, Anoma, File #3 article on "bone" dishes, with pictures.  
HOFFMEISTER, Charles Several pictures, including #975,
land patents 1890-91; income tax return 1921.
Hosptial receipt 1908; German Chrstmas card 1958.
Several photos, including 1929 Cord Automobile.
HOFFMEISTER, Fred Medical ledger, 1899-1902; #91
Imperial High School graduating program, 1903
Omaha UN Hospital dedication, 1917
Imperial Republican, Feb 26 1931, Fred death note.
Various clippings
Dr. Fred's home, #989; horse barn, harness;
several small photos.
HOFFMEISTER, Max cattle stories; Max obit 1972
HOPKINS, Lysee correspondence
HOUSTON; Marguerite story, library award 1977
HOWARD stories, several
HUDNALL, Averill and LaDene stories, several
HUGHES, Harold family clippings, several
HUGHES, Herbert J. stories, several
HUMMEL, Robert and Gladys 50th anniversary, pictures
HUMPHREY, W. E. "Hap" and Bernice story
HURLEY, William poems (2)
HUST, Leon and Ina stories; obituary, Leon 1895-1979
HUST, Byron story 1994


INGOLD, Branson F. short write-up
INMAN, Norton short writeup and picture, 50th Anniv 1912
Vada, letter to the Editor.


JAEGER Reunion, vitals; 1973; Reunion, vitals; 1983-85
Family History booklet, 1967, 81p
Adam's sons, picture, two 4-horse teams; #25
Judy; obit; picture, accident scene, 1980
Kate Jaeger Weiss, picture and negs.
Pat, writeup; Samuel 1900-1974, obit
Sideny, wedding, 1969
Walter, writeup Ice House
JAEGER, Wayne E. - patents
Implement sweep; Implement sweep; Drill teeth; Rim mounting
Knife attachment, 1936 thru 1957.
JOHNSON, Barry taxidermy article - 1974; Lori, clippings (3)
Gerald "Jerry"; obituary - memorial
JOHNSTONE, John T. 1864-, writeups; Vera 1895-1976, obit
Arlon 1921-1972, obituary; Floyd, pictures (2), (1 with Frank Reichardt, Charles Hayes)
JONES, James he murdered Joseph B. Rowley, 1909, clipping, writeup
JORDAN, Thomas Theodore 1846-1918; Picture, 1890; #368
Picture family; #1069; Genealogy pages (3)
Rough abstract - Champion Mill property.
Correspondence with Ione Bates, circa 1970;
Song "A Bright and Shining Light"; #369


KARNS, Kermit B. Artcles; Microfilm Techniques 1977; Microfilming - Picture - 1975; Microfilm reader - 1878;  Community Foundation - 2000; Correspondence, 6 pieces circa 1970
KELLY, Laura Lou growing tomatoes, 1973
KENNEDY, Ruby LOVITT 1904-; clipping 1994
KENT, Fred and Caroline writeup, letter, obituary Lela 1890-1978
KILPATRICK Picture, 6 brothers, H.C.; Samuel D.; William H.; D.D?; Robert J.; Joseph M.; Brand items (2); Pictures of North Ranch (4) #99; Arthur Carmody, letter and notes; Writeup on ranch (4), draft and final McGillin Ranch note - 1887; Tunnel construction at Belmont NE 1889; memorial card, David Samuel 1876-1974; KILPATRICK Brothers, - Pictures; Large Caterpillar tractor and men - Harry Northcutt; 1915; #203; Bucking horse - Nick Foster and others, circa 1915 Hogs, circa 1915; Ranch barn - cattle; circa 1934; North Ranch, several pictures, 1915; #99; Article: History of Kilpatrick Brothers
KIMBERLING Pictures, Leon and grandchildren on horses; 1963, #34; Pearl and Lucy; Reverend and Mrs Pickett; House near Kimberlings; Leon and Cora, 50th anniv, 1923-1973; Stallion barn, 1971; Articles: Chuck Wagon Fun; 50th Anniv; Pioneer Sprit in 1976; "Jist Hitched" Bridal departure 1972; Wedding, Kim Lavern Silvester, Lois Jan Heskett 1976; Death and obituary Kelli Silvester 1976; obituary, Ida Kelly KIMBERLING 1939; Dr. Cleon Kimberling 1981; Leon - Highline Electrict Assn 1973. Charley, writeups (2); KIMBERLING, Vinton. Article, family & cattle partnership, 1996; Other articles, drafts, and notes.
KITT; Ray 50th anniv, 1961
KNOTWELL; Claude O."John" and Mildred "Dutch" writeup.
KOESTER; Fred article; Sophie, short article 1974;
KRAMER; L.P. "Pat" several articles & pictures, work with rattlesnakes; Jacob 1883-1973, obituary; Maude, wife of Jacob, 1892-1976, obituary; John, death note, 1974;
KRAUSNICK Artilces and obituaries, all five members of Charles' family; d 1981 Nov 25, airplane accident.
KUNKEL Articles: Levi Jackson; James; Obits, Vivin Irene, Lucy Del, Morris Marriages: Barbara and Michael Stanley; James C. and Deborah Majors.
KUNNEMANN; Rose obit; Marriages; Kevin and Arlyn Cox 1979; Debra and Norman Clark

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