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CHATFIELD, James (Presume survived but not confirmed). Of 10th Light Dragoons on the medal roll for the Military General Service Medal (1793-1814). He has three clasps on his medal for Vittoria, Spain (1813) Toulouse, France (1814) and Orthez, France (1814). The medal and clasps were only awarded to those who survived so this man would probably have lived long enough to fight at Waterloo in 1815.

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43,874 individuals, 16,660 marriages - 9 Aug 2017 in GEDCOM file

Chatfield Crest
Chatfield Seal in sealing wax.
Chatfield Seal impressed
Chatfield Crest carved on Linen chest bench seat.
Chatfield Crest carved on bench seat

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The following three sites have the same information but present it in different ways.
Genealogical database for linked Chatfield's with about 43,500 people at or
Click the logo for my Chatfield Worldwide Genealogy tree at Build Your Online Family Tree, Share Your Family History
Click Here for Family Tree Guide (Database can be viewed up to 2014 but cannot currently update)

The family name goes back to the mists of time.  There are two separate main locations where the name seems to have developed independently - Sussex in the south of England and Staffordshire in the midlands.

The CHATFIELD BOOK Parts 1 and 2 are a collection of information on the family name together with anecdotes and references to wills and other research papers that has been split into two parts to make browsing easier.

The Chatfield U.K. NAMES page is a very long comprehensive listing of 18,051 records of Chatfields' births, marriages and deaths.  You can download this file and put it into a database of your own. Please note it is 2.7mB so may take a while to load. 

The GEDCOM file is a genealogical listing of Chatfield people and relatives worldwide for sucking into a genealogical software package such as PAF, Brothers Keeper, Family Tree, Legacy, My Heritage etc.  It is around 13.0mB.  The descendants of Thomas Chatfield of Ditchling are included in 43,500 people.

The CONTACTS page has a series of some e-mails from people interested in the Chatfield name who have written to us.  You may find someone there who has a common interest.

The OLD BAILEY page has a series of criminal trials of Chatfield people who were being tried, accusers and witnesses.

The TIMES newspaper references to Chatfield from the Public Record Office at Kew.

Search Colin Chatfield's cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

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