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George Cheater


Elizabeth Williams

My Connection to George

First Generation

George Cheater was born aprox 1790, possibly in England.Parents unknown.He married Elizabeth Williams born aprox 1802.Her father was William Williams of Manuels, Nfld.


Date of marriage December 23, 1824.


Notes on George Cheater:He is listed in the 1835 Voterís List for Chamberlains, Newfoundland.He is the first Cheater that I could find in Chamberlains, Newfoundland.He is mentioned in an 1862 Newspaper report regarding a fence.

He is buried in the Topsail Anglican Cemetery of St. John the Evangelist Church.Died December 1874, age 84.


Notes on Elizabeth Chaytor (nee Williams):Lived to be 98 years old.She is buried with her husband George in the Topsail Anglican Cemetery.She died Dec 03, 1900.It is possible that Elizabeth was baptised in the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St. Johnís in 1803.I will check into it.


Notes on William Williams:He was one of the first settlers in Chamberlains (1803).He later moved to Manuels.In the 1835 Voters list for these areas, he is listed as a resident of Manuels, along with his son William Williams jr.



††† William Cheater born April 4th,1826

††† John Cheater born 1827?

††George Cheater born 1830?

††† Mary Ann Cheater born 1833?

††† Samuel Cheater born 1840?

††† Maria Cheater born 1841(married Solomon Chafe, Petty Harbour, 1862)

††† Jessie Cheater born 1844 (married Richard Allan Chafe, Petty Harbour, 1867)

††† Agnes Elizabeth Cheater born 1850


A Biography of George Cheater

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Note:The small numbers beside the bracketed() names refer to which generation the father, grandfather, etc. is in.Example: Frederick William Chaytor(George2, George1), means that Fredís father is George in the 2ndgeneration, and his grandfather George is in the 1stgeneration.