July 3, 1838 "Reports of many dying of starvation in Conception Bay , NFLD." RG of PEI


From the Gert Crosbie books
Searched the years 1825 through to 1880 and this was the only listing for CHEATER (date given at end of listing is date of publication)
MILLER, James of Topsail, and CHEATER, Mary Ann of Chamberlains, were married by Rev. Addy.  Dec. 29 1852 C

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From The Royal Gazette 1846-1862 by Mildred Howard
Feb 1862
William MERCER et al of Chamberlains in 1858, by instructions of Attorney General Mr. HOGSETT, pulled down a fence which  George CHEATER had placed across a public road they were then engaged in making, on the grounds the road encroached on his private property.  CHEATER sued for trespassing and they were obliged to pay a sum of money out of their private funds.
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From reading the above, William Mercer took down the fence that George Cheater had put up across his own property (George’s), which the city was trying to make a public road on.  George Cheater sued the city for trespassing and the city had to pay him money out of their private funds. (Cheri)


In the 1835 October 24th, Medical report by Dr.Henry Stabb.
George Cheater is listed as being vaccinated for Small Pox.
Small Pox was a disease circulating through the communities of 
Chamberlains, Manuels, Topsail,Kelligrews, Fox Trap, Middle Bight,
Long Pond, Upper and Lower Gullies, Lance Cove.  He reported
vaccinating 187 children and 70 adults in these communities.  
George is listed as having 2 adults in his household 
as well as 3 children.
The complete list of names of those who were vaccinated can be 
found at the NGB site under the Harbour Main district, Historical
Articles.  They are also housed at the PANL GN 2/2 Volume 21.

CHAYTOR, Agnes E b. May 4 1850 Chamberlains to George Chaytor &
Elizabeth Atkinson #69405360 (birth from the IGI of LDS Center)

This entry was taken from the Latter Day Saints site.  It is possible that the last name for Elizabeth is wrong.  I have found actual church records with George Cheater of Chamberlains marrying Elizabeth Williams.


From the St. John's Daily News Mon. May 7, 1917 
OAKLEY, William J. F. - Son of Mr. Arthur F. Oakley,
172 Hamilton Street, St. John's.  Was assistant storekeeper 
at T. and M. Winter's