Voter’s Lists or

Lists of Electors

The below lists just have the Cheater/Chaytor entries.  In some cases I do have more names.  You may email me to find out if I have a name you are looking for.


1835 Voter's List

St. John's East - South Shore District  NEWFOUNDLAND Division of South Shore District of Conception Bay

1835 September the First

"The list of Persons entitled to vote in the election of a member or members for the District of Conception Bay, in respect of dwelling houses, situate in the South Shore division of the said District, that is to say from MacGrath's house on the South Side of Holy Rood (not including his house) to Topsail Head."


CHEATER, George                        South Shore                      Chamberlains

WILLIAMS, William Senior                  South Shore                         Manuels

WILLIAMS, William Junior         South Shore                      Manuels


1948 List of Electors- Harbour Main district


Name                                                 Address

Chaytor, Ada                                                  Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Alma                                                           Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, Clifford                                           

Chaytor, Edna                                                           Chaytor’s Lane

Chaytor, Edward                                           Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, Ethel                                               Highroad

Chaytor, Frank                                              Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, George                                            

Chaytor, George                                             Chaytor’s Lane

Chaytor, Gordon                                            Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Harvey                                           

Chaytor, Herbert                                           Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, James                                             

Chaytor, John                                                            Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Mary B.                                          Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, Margaret                                        Highroad

Chaytor, Pheobe                                             Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Priscilla                                          Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, Ralph                                              

Chaytor, Rhoda                                             

Chaytor, Roy                                                  Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Ruth                                                            Fowler’s Rd.

Chaytor, Robert                                             Chamberlains Rd.

Chaytor, Ronald                                            Highroad

Chaytor, William                                         

Chaytor, William A.                                    


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