These are copies of the actual wills I have collected.  I sent away for most at the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, where they are kept.  The charge was $5 per search, and $1 per photocopied page.  Average cost was $8 Canadian.  They are very prompt in sending a copy of the will.  A person needs to know when writing for a will, the approximate year of death, where the person lived and of coarse the name.  There is a wills index on the Newfoundland Grand Banks site which is very helpful.  But when you are requesting a copy of a will that you have seen on the sites list, do not include the volume number or other numbers.  These are only for the Provincial Archives.  The Supreme Court has them filed differently and it may slow down the process.

Cheri Wheeler



James Snelgrove, 1798

George Williams, 1805

William Williams, 1818

Ann Snelgrove, 1822

Henry Garland, 1828

Philip LeShano, 1830

Joanna Westcott, 1869

Frederick Chaytor, 1926

Caleb Chaytor, 1950

To see the scanned front page of his will, click here

To see the actual will left by him, click here




Other Chaytor Wills

These wills I do not have, they can be found at the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and at the Provincial Archives in Nfld.


John Chaytor                                                                     1892/93

Robert George Chaytor                                                         1905

Frederick Chaytor                                                                      1926

Samuel Chaytor                                                                           1929

George Chater                                                                 1935

George Samuel Chaytor                                          1947

Albert G. Chaytor                                                                        1947

John Chaytor                                                                                 1949

Baxter G. or G. Baxter Chaytor                          1949

Jane Chaytor                                                                                 1952

Charles Chaytor                                                                          1953

George Albert Chaytor                                                           1958


I got these names from the list at the NGB site under Wills Index.  At times the name was spelled Chaylor in the index at the NGB site.  I have corrected them as Chaytor here on my page because I have dates of death of some of these individuals and they match the Chaylor dates.  It is possible that the writing was hard to understand and the transcriber thought the t was an l.