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alfred Alfred and Velma Cherry

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This is my family, everyone is here. Hopefully you will benefit by what you find.

This is an ongoing task that is forever, it seems, changing. I suppose that's what you would call normal with genealogy, nothing but the dead stays the same. (I sometimes even wonder about them.) If you find something that needs changing or correcting please give me a "heads up" and I'll get it done.

My father had a fairly interesting beginning, of which I do not know nearly enough. He traveled around the world (mostly on a sailing ship) at a young age and ended up in Alaska where I was able to pick him back up after his leaving England. His leaving would make an interesting story in itself, sorry, I know nothing. I can find no records.

My mother's side of the family is quite a bit more complete as I can find an abundance of records through the internet. Some are 'unfindable' as they were never recorded or were lost through some event, ie; wars, fires, etc. I would have liked to connect with the different Clayton families of Kentucky but cannot. But I still have hope. The long list of the "Long" names came about from frustration on my part in not easily finding where my grandfather, Ransom Long, came from. I ended up just borrowing from as many GEDCOMs as I could find until I could piece together a line on his family. For all of those that knowingly and unknowingly contributed, I thank you.

Special thanks go to Roger Thompson of Australia, who made most of the names and families of NZ, Australia and England possible. I am grateful for all the help given me and with their diligent research on their own families.

Wes Cherry

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