James Horney tried for murder 1746

The Maryland Gazette
Tuesday, April 22, 1746
No. 52

The following Particulars of the Murther of Richard Waters,
Taylor, in Kent County, on the 5th Instant, having been
transmitted to us, are here inserted:

About two Months ago, Hector Grant, a highland Papist
and James Horney, an Irish one, both Servants to Mr. Waters,
communicated to a West-Country Convict Woman, (Servant to
Mr. Waters, and of the same Communion with the other two),
and an Orphan Apprentice Girl, their Intention to murder their
Master; to which the Women readily agreeing, they all swore
on a Bible not to make any Discovery. Having been several
Times disappointed in their Design to way-lay him on the Road,
in order to perpetrate their Villainy, it happened that on
Saturday the 5th Instant, Mr. Waters being at a Muster, and
having drank too freely; he was conducted home by two of
his Neighbours, who had put him to Bed, and left him about an
Hour within the Night: When the Woman, having put his two
Children to Bed with him, persuaded the Orphan Girl to go
over with her to a Neighbour's. In the meantime the two
Men murder'd the poor Man, overcome with Liquor and Sleep,
by giving him a desperate Blow on the Head with an Axe;
after which they dragg'd him out of Bed upon the Floor,
repeating their Blows, tho' any one of them would have proved
mortal: The Children sleeping sound all the While; it is
thought prevented their undergoing the same Fate; tho' the
Highlander proposed setting the House on fire, and burning the
Children therein. The Girls returning, found the Fellows
rejoicing in their Villany, who then put the Deceased's Cloaths
on him, and throwing his Body across a Horse carried it to a
Branch about half a Mile from the House, and there buried it;
They afterwards burnt the bloody Sheets, clean'd away the
Blood, and the next Morning gave out, that their Master set out
for Annapolis by Day-break. Nobody had any Suspicion of what
had been transacted 'til about the Middle of the Week, when
one of the Deceased's Shoes and Buckles were found; and their
carousing, buying Rum, and idling about, and the Horse's being
seen at home, gave the Neigbours reason to suspect the Matter;
whereupon the Men were apprehended, and a bloody Shirt
found, but no further Discovery made 'til Sunday; when the
Orphan Girl, after she had at a solemn Examination denied she
knew anything of the Fact, privately confess'd that she had
been sworn to the Secresy: On being told that her Oath, being
extorted by the Fellows, could not be binding, she related all she
knew of it. The same Evening, the Irishman, finding the Girl
had made a Discovery, confess'd every Circumstance told;
as also where the body was buried, and where he had concealed
his Master's Watch, Ring, Clasps, &c. which were all
accordingly found. The two Men and the Woman, were brought
in, by the Coroner's Inquest, guilty of Wilful Murder. The
Highlander receiv'd the Sacrament at Mass, the Sunday before
this tragic Scene was executed; and notwithstanding his most
obstinate Denial of knowing any thing of the Fact, appears
to have been the first Proposer, and principal Actor in this


The Maryland Gazette
Tuesday, May 6, 1746
No. 54

Friday last was held, at Chester in Kenty County, a Special
Court of Oyer and Terminer, for trying the Murderers of
Richard Waters; when the two Men and the Woman were found
guilty of the Indictment, and received Sentence of Death;
Grant and Horney are to hang'd and the Woman (Esther Anderson
is to be burnt.


The Maryland Gazette
Tuesday, May 20, 1746
No. 56

On Friday last, Hector Grant, James Horney, and Esther Anderson,
were Executed at Chester in Kent County, pursuant to
their Sentence, for the Murder of their late Master. The Men
were Hang'd, the Woman Burn'd. They died penitent,
acknowleging their Crimes, and the Justice of their Punishment.

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