Chicago Cemetery Photos - Grave photographs from the Chicago, Cook County, Illinois area.
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114 (Rosehill)

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Anderson (18)

Since January 7, 2003

General Information

These photographs are of graves in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and a few surrounding areas. Most of them have been taken by me (the site administrator) although submissions are welcomed.

The majority of the photos on this site are the gravesites of everyday people. If you are looking for famous graves, try the following web sites:

How do I find where my ancestors are buried?

Don't see your ancestor's grave on here? There are millions of graves in the Chicago area. As an example, Oak Woods Cemetery is about 186 acres in size and contains over 150,000 graves.

Not sure where to begin? Try getting a copy of the individual's death certificate or obit. This often will have the name of the cemetery where they are buried. We cannot do this type of research for you, we are already swamped just taking the photos.

Contact the site admin to suggest additional resources.

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