Bibles from Johnson, Arkansas

Bibles from Johnson, Arkansas

These are family Bible pages from Johnson, Washington County, Arkansas. If you have Bible pages you would like added or linked to this page, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

Flora Hughes was born the 11 of April 1799
Martha Eve Wickware was born the 11 dau of February 1825
Alpheus Wickware was born the 12 of September 1822
Flory Hughes dide the 23 of February 1875 (sic)
Beulah Deane Thurmond died August 2 1881
Alpheus Wickware died the 22 of July 1886

1.James V. Wickware was born the 8 of Oct 1844
2. Eligah Wickware was born the 14 of September 1846
4. Rowland Wickware was born the 29 of January 1847
5.Ourbane Wickware was born the 24 of May 1849
6.Salie Ann Wickware was born May the 29 1857
7.Gemima Wickware was born the 25 of December 1859
8.William Wickware was born the 27 1862 ---
9.Magnoley Wickware was born June the 15 1865
3. Mary Susan Wickware was born the 9 of Sept 1848

Mary Susan Thurmond was born the 9 of September 184_
Idingonones Thurmond was born the 24 of December 1872
Susy Etty Thurmond was born the 17 of December 1874
R.S. Thurmond was born the 6 of December ---


Mary Susan Hughes was born May the 15 1823
Bennet H. Thurmond was born August the 10th 1819
Bennet H. Thurmond departed this life in the year 1881
Bennet H. Thurmond and Mary S. Hughes Thurmond was married June the 14th 1840
P.N. Thurmond was born Feb the 18th 1842
Roland S. Thurmond was born December the 29th the 6th 1843
Nathan P. Thurmond was born December the 29th 1845
David H. Thurmond was born the 2 February 1848
Sarah Maria Thurmond was born February the 12th 1850

Thos L. Wright was born the 6 of June 1831
Thos L. Wright & Mary S. Wright was maried the 9th of February 1853
Martha Frunein Wright was born the 13 of November 1854
Robert Mitephel Wright was born Oct the 18th 1856
Mary Susan Wright was born the 12 of April 1858
J. Thos. L. Wright was born the 6th of September 1862
Anfaline Wright was born the 12 of May 1860
Azarlda Wright was born the May the 5 1864
William Apby Wright was born the 27th of May 1866


Henderson White Bible (This family was in Warren Co., KY in 1850) These Bible pages were on loose paper stuck inside the Mason Bible.
Henderson White was born August 10th 1795
Eliza S. Clark was born June 19th 1804
Sarah F. White was born Feb 20th 1827
John H. White was born Nov 22nd 1828
Alexander E. White was born Oct 8th 1830
James W. White was born Dec. 26th 1832
Mary S. White was born Nov. 5th 1835
Ann E. White was born Nov 26th 1837
Samuel P. White was born Feb 14th 1840
Avadna E. White was born Dec 20th 1855
George H. White was born Dec 7th 1857
John A. White was born Feb 13th 1862
Bodie White was born Jan 5th 1866
Willie White was born Sept 24th 1863
Sallie A. White was born Sept 7th 1872
Ada White was born Oct 6th 1874
Basil Duke White was born June 24th 1868
Edward H. White was born Jan 25th 1870
Elizebeth R. J. White was born April 15th 1842
Zereldia T. N. White was born April 3nd 1845
Elvira J. White was born June 3nd 1848

Francis Poter Bell was born July 5th 1867
Mary E. Bell was born Jan 19th 1872
Harry Z. Bell was born June 19th 1876
Uzziel Bell was born March 11th 1878
Davis Bell was born Feb 3nd 1892
Hettie North Bell was born Sept 23nd 1894
Clifford Francis Bell was born Nov. 15th 1896
John Henry Bell was born July 14th 1899
Bassie Duke Bell was born Oct 25th 1903

Henderson White was married to Eliza s. Clark Feb 1st 1825
John M. Mason was married to Sarah F. White April 23nd 1846
John H. White was married to Susan C. Towson Dec 6th 1855
Alexander E. White was married to Pat A. Bell Jan 18th 1855
James W. White was married to Rova(?) Lanier Dec 15th 1859
Frank A. Bell was married to Zereldia L.N. White July 26th 1866
S. Porter White was married to Onie O. Watson June 15th 1867
Edd J. Clark was married to Rebecca J. White Feb 3rd 1870
Poter Bell was married to Ada L. Proctor Jan 8th, 1891
Poter Bell was married to Kittie Proctor Sept 16th 1902
Uzziel Bell was married to Florence Cox Feb 1st 1903
J.E. Harrison was married to Mary E. Bell Sept 7th 1904
Claude J. Robinson was married to Henderson Clark Apr 18th 1894
W(?). B. Miles was married to A.M. Clark in the 17 or May 1899
Duke White was married to Rebecca Sandyfords on the 7 day of Jan 1897
Duke White was married to Lillian McKinzie on the 14th of February 1907

Eliza S. White departed this life Aug. 4th 1894
Mary S. White departed this life Oct 1892
Elvira I White departed this life June 3nd 1900
Ada L. Bell departed this life April 25th 1902
Harry Z. Bell departed this life Sept 7th 1876
Hettie North Bell departed this life Sept 2nd 1898
Clifford Francis Bell departed this life Nov. 18th 1902
Ophelia White departed this life Sept 23nd 1882
Sarah F. Mason departed this life June 28th 1858
A.E. White departed this life Dec 25th 1861
J.M. Mason departed this life Jan 28th 1863
Henderson White departed this life Nov. 30th 1865
James W. White departed this life March 21st 1881
S.P. White departed this life Sept 23nd 1882
G.W. White departed this life Aug 8th 1879
Edward H. White departed this life 1870
Pearl Clark departed this life April 16th 1879


Births: (page 1)
John M. Mason born March the 26th 1812
Sarah F. Mason wife of John M. Mason born Feb the 20th 1827
William H. Mason Born March the 15th 1847
Susan E. Mason Born December the 18th 1848
John E. Mason born November the 31th 1850
Beverly L.C. Mason Born Sept the 25th 1853
Zenobie L.C. Mason Born May the 7th 1856
Richard C. Mason Born March the 27th 1858
Bernice Marie Thurmond was born May 2 - 1916

Births:(page 2)
Nathan P. Thurmond was borned December the 29 - 1845
James M. Thurmond was borned May the 29 - 1876
James Earl Thurmond was born March 4 - 1903
Maud S. Thurmond was born Sept 17 - 1904
Nathan P. Thurmond Died the 4 of November 1908 Age 62 years 10 months 5 days
Zenobia Thurmond Died May 2 - 1911

John M. Mason and Elvira Robertson was married March the 27th 1834
John M. Mason and Sarah F. White was married April 23nd 1846
John T. Clark and Elizee S. Mason was married December 16 -- 1868
John E. Mason and Betty Cox was married March the 29th 1874
Nathan P. Thurmond and Zenobie L.C. Mason was married the 9th of August 1874
J.M. Thurmond and Myrtle Wall was married December 2, 1901

Elvira Mason Died April the 5th 1834
B.L.C. Mason Died July the 25th 1855
R.C. Mason Died July the 19th 1858
Sarah F. Mason Died June the 28th 1858 aged 31 years 4 months and 12 days----

(different handwriting)
Thond M. Mason Died January the 28th 1863 aged 50 years 10 months 2 days
Eliza S. Clark Died Feb the 10 1874 Aged 25 years & 23 days
Zenobie Clark Died July the 24th 1874 Aged 5 months & 18 days
William H. Mason died Nov 10, 1885 age 38 years 8 months and 5 days
James Earl Thurmond Died February the 12 - 190_ age 3 years 11 months 8 days

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