Johnson School Years

Johnson School Years

The following lists are taken from photos of schools around Johnson, Washington County, Arkansas throughout the years, from various sources, including newspaper clippings. Please note: if the list was from a newspaper clipping, the females maiden AND married name are often listed, if known.

Clear Creek Academy Class of 1872

Picture include students who attended a reunion in 1898, therefore all students may not be listed. Sam Stamphield, Dr. Moses Sternes, Van Pearson, John Rainwater, Professor David Bridenthal, Mrs. Maude Henson, Mrs. Mary Fugate, Mrs. Sally Cress, Mrs. Laura Rader, Mrs. Nancy Stubblefield, Mrs. Ezra Bradley, Mrs. Eva Rainwater, Mrs. Jake Fox, Mrs. Martha Brooks, Mrs. Sally Brooks, Mrs. Molley Chabers, Tom Bridenthal, William Henson, Jim Skillern, Kit Phillips, Dr. E.F. Ellis, Charley Stearns, William Cardwell, Rev. Hugh Lovins, Byrd Henson, Hugh Dinsmore, Jim Banks and Andy Waters.

Johnson School about 1901

Students identified: Mary Kate Cryst, Margaret Stuckey, Beulah Horne, Flora Cardwell Luper, Ruth Weir Bailey, Nell Banks, Ethel Weaver, Goldia Pearce, Dayne Mayes, Buell Mayes, Lulu Homcomb [teacher], Verna Vernon, Schraptia Weaver, Carrie Cardwell Luper, Kate Basket Diven, Tom Nail, Willie Webb, Willie Horne, Agnes Bowen, Edith Horne Cummins, Beatrice Spyers Cumpton, Edna Coffelt, Jim Holcomb, Pink Garrett, Dick Crum, John Cryst, Bessie Weaver, Lorrie Kennedy, Annie Sadler, Mildred Pearce, Leah Bookout Spyres, Bess McCain, Ethel Haynes, Roy Pearce, Stoney Davis, Marie Kenney, Fannie Nail Reed, Eva Lichlyter, Joe Weaver, Pearl Garrett Boswell. [Note: 23 students in this photo were identified.]

Shady Grove School 1904 or 1905

Teachers Professor Jefferson Banks and Mary Cardwell. Some students identified: Claude Bridenthal, Tom Henson, Ray Pierce, John Bookout, Oliver Bridenthal, Malcom Henson, Ruth chambers, Mary Chambers, Ethel Carlisle, Lucella Henson, Mattie Davis, Etta Brooks, Grace Sweeney, Grace Hepler, Sophie Chambers, Ruth Sheridan, Nina Wraten, Lille Hepler, Tillie chambers, Bernice Millikan, Frankie Chambers, Gladys Swartout, Jessie Dill, Myrtle Pierce, Ollie Wraten, Ruby Hepler, Harold and Jan Henson, Lee Skillern, Polk Bookout, Johnny Arnold, Carl Sheridan, Bob Carlisle, Emory Henson, Durward Hepler, Oma Helper, George Sheridan and Ira Bridenthal.

Johnson School 1907-1908

Josephine Gregory, Grace Ramey, Pearl Good, Blanch Hanks Elliott, Pearl Cardwell Kelly, Susan Gregory, Beth Crum Banks, Nina Bookout, Opal Kelly, Martha Grebe, Hugh Crum, Raymond Wright, Dook Abercrombie, Ted Langford, Verna Lockhart, Raymond Lewallen, Frank Johnson, Olan Bookout, Henry Grebe, Lela Cox Reese, Myrtle Lockhart Brooks, Anna Horne Cardwell, Beulah Langford, Freda Ritchie, Bess Hanks Farish, Ola Wright, Floyd Anthony, Gideon Vernon, Dayne Mayes, Elmo Ritchie, Allen Banks, Rex Banks, Edgar Bookout, Frankie Cardwell Reed, Geneieve Ritchie, Beulah Horn, Nell Banks Carder, Kate Basket Diven, Willie Horne Satterlee, Elma Ritchie, Annie Sadler, Carrie Cardwell Luper, Ida Craig Arthurs, Flora Cardwell Luper, Maud Cooper, Pink Garrett, Henry Lockhart, Maurice Ritchie, Buell Mayes. Teachers: Addie Lynch Smith and Mary Craig.[Springdale News clipping, dated 1965]

Steele School 1927

Thurman Claypool, Lee Cornett, Otis Payne, J.C. Payne, Loyd Claypool, John Roy Nicholson, Pauline Hendrix Lewis, Evelyn Blake Spear and Ada Claypool Mathews, Elsie Frizzo, Marjory Page Sines, Ruby Sullivan Frederick, Velma Claypool Davis, Goldie Claypool Sizemore, Essie Baird Hale, Thelma Blake Lierly, Addie Lee, Dian Turner, Loretta Sconce Hannah, Hannah Sue Baird Preece, Ola Claypool Teague, Abbie Baird Williams, Vada Claypool Davis, Anna Louise Baird, Peria Ramsey, Helen Stearns Perry, Junerose Page Rogers, Lester Claypool, Edward Sconce, Delmar Claypool, Tommie Claypool, Clinton Page, John Wilbanks, Diver Hendrix, and Teacher Callie Wiseman.
Johnson School 1932-1933

Troy Watkins, Lavern Bailey Glenn, Nadine Ball Brooks, Bill Cordell, Ruby Phillips, Irene Graves, Joe Kowen, Juanita Mason, Mary Lue Boswell, Raymond Reynolds, Luther Teague, Ellen Treece, Dounce Fields, Lewis Wayne Kell, Bonnie Wilkinson Heinrich, Ervin Rothrock, Amos Faulkner, Pauline Ball Howard, Ruth Anthony, Geletha Guess, Mary Orlen Bailey, Cora Foster Terry, Bonnie Spurlock Williams, Everett Reynolds, Wanda Waters, Joe Washburn, Allen Faulkner, Cecil Faulkner, Waynard Kellogg, Wayne Bookout, Jack Watus, Maxine Neal Upshaw, Betty Daniel Pennel, Reba Mullins, Helen Combs, Harris, Maxine Harris McCarroll, Frances Wilkinson Bohe, Wade Luper, Frances Bookout Stamps, Elwood Maddox, Warren Kellogg, Margorie Denton Flowers, Billy Joe Harrison, James Graves, Floyd Sutton, Earl Wilson Divens, Billy Kelly, Johnny Bailey, Catherine Daiel Burba, Nadine Graves Poteete, Elbert Clark, Loyd Bailey Maxwell Harris, John Bailey, Douglas Faulkner, Thelma Teague Daniels, Guy Teague, Harry Wilkinson, Jr., Richard Graves, Paul Teague, Billie Fields, Ray Cawthorn, Earl Bookout, Earl Tucker Ralph Treece, Baulah Rogers Rankin, Mildred Wilkinson Nichols, Raymond Faulkner, Ruth Cosand Walls, Eugene Faulkner, Esther Cosand Walls, Juanita Graves Baker, Lois Merritt Cordes, Anna Bell Spurlock, Ollie Kelly Selby, Florence Stamper Graue, Johnny Cordell, Frank Luper, William Borum, Thord Luper, Marjorie Luper Ludwig, Lizebeth George Thomas, Judy Bush, Paul Spurlock, Jessie Treece and Hazel Boyles White. Teachers: Miss Virginia Banks, Miss Ora Joe Hanks and John C. Anderson.[Springdale News clipping, not dated]

University High School - Class of 1939

Bert Cate, Annie Belle Spurlock, Donald Heckman, Kathleen Andrews, Sidney Rieff, Helen West, Lloyd Warren, Ollie Kelley, Lewis Moore, Helen Tate, Albert Green, Martha Kate Greathouse, Larry Browne, Bonnie, Gayle Reed, H.B. (male, cannot read name), Helen Snodgrass, Vance Cecil Jr. Imogene Patrick, John Skillern, Ruth Thomas, Earl Bookout, Nell Vall Smith, Eugene Smith, Frances Reed, Kay Sterling, Mary Sue Prince, Hazel Keaton, Marcella McMann, Wade Luper, Catherine Hill, Carter Thomas, Lorene Johnston, Joe Bennett Crouch, Geraldine Breazeale, Waurika Shreve, Mary Frances Pettigrew, Marjorie Moore, Walter Phillips, Martha Jane Mout, J.U. Phipps. Caption reads: Forty-two graduates of University High school will receive diplomas Thursday morning at 10 o'clock in the University of Arkansas auditorium. Lieutenant Colonel John N. Robinson will deliver the commencement address and honors will be announced by Charles H. Cross director of the training school.

University High School - Class of 1940

Mary Virginia Neeley, Lawrence Broyles, June Johnston, William N. Yates, Elizabeth Hughes, Roland B. Shults, Virginia Louise Long, Von B. Smith, T.V. Whittington, Ruth Bolen, O.T. Stewart, Stanley Greathouse, Colleen Tune, Allan Wilson Carl,Lois Thomas, Robert Stubblefield, Opaljean Ford, Bruce Denney, J.C. Prater, Margaret Bridenthal, Hubert Hinkle, Anna Louise Cummins, Clarence Heckman, Penn Reed, Eugene Faulkner, June Harris, Stanley Pace, Bruce Young, Bill Dunaway, and Earl Hopper.

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