Nov. 29, 1898– (first part of column missing)
-Agent J.B. Vernon has secured a pass from the Frisco and will make a visit to Kansas in the near future.

-Rev. Marion Phillips is conducting quite an interesting revival meeting at Shady Grove. Rev. Autry has been assisting him.

-Official notices have been posted stating that a petition will be presented to the County Court at the Jan. 1899 term, praying that a new school district be created from parts of the four districts adjacent to this place.

-The basket supper at New Hope Thursday night was a very enjoyable affair. Quite a number were present and the proceeds from the sale of the baskets amounted to $21.60. A very interesting literary program was rendered by the young folks of the vicinity.

-Radford Maxey died last Wednesday night after a long illness. The deceased was an old and well known resident of this section and leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn his death. After funeral services by Rev. J.R. Loving the remains were borne to the Seymour graveyard on last Thursday evening and interred to await the final roll call.

Dec. 9, 1895
-Our local “Hoss nites” meeting at Stony Point to-night.

-Ed. Farish brought down a wild turkey yesterday.

-Wm. Eads, a prosperous farmer of Wyman, was in Johnson Friday.

-A number of the Italians have been cutting cord wood in this vicinity.

-Prof. Shaffer had another delightful spelling bee at Stony Point last Friday night.

-The snow storm Saturday caused lots of our citizens unprepared for such weather.

-J.B. Vernon left Sunday morning on a visit to relatives in Montgomery County, Kansas.

-J.I. Johnson started Thursday on an overland trip to his son’s ranch near Muscogee, I.T.

-Aunt Naomi Daugherty, aged 83 years, is very ill and is not expected to survive many hours.

-Miss Josie Lichlyter is assisting at the Vernon mercantile emporium during Mr. Vernon’s absence.

-The meeting at Shady Grove has been a record breaker and at last accounts was still in progress.

-W.P. Langford now feeds in a reconstructed barn. P.A. Kennedy and G.A. Claypoole were the main constructors.

-Mrs. Gray, who resided near Grand View, died Wednesday morning and was interred in the Seymour graveyard Thursday.

-The gentleman that removed the “fox box” from the hole where some of our hunters had a fox treed, better keep his name “mum.”

-We have just learned of the sudden demise this Tuesday morning of Grandpa Henry Hearn, one of our oldest and most respected citizens. Heart failure was the immediate cause of death, though deceased, who was about 84 years old, had been ailing for some time. The remains will be buried in the Elm Springs cemetery.

Dec. 16, 1898
-B.F. Johnson killed a fine wild turkey yesterday.

-Prof. Shaffey’s school at Stoney Point ends next Friday.

-Mr. A.T. Sheesley, of Exeter, Mo., is spending a few days here.

-J.B. Vernon returned Friday morning from his trip to Kansas.

-The Stony Point people are talking of having a Christmas tree during the holidays.

-Miss Kate Johnson, of Harris, is sojourning with her grand-parents at this place.

-Hugh Daughtery, of Bentonville, attended the burial services of his mother last Saturday.

-W.P. Langford, the poultry fancier, took some fine specimens in to the Fayetteville poultry show to-day.

-Bennett Maxey and son, Riley, “placed” a red fox yesterday. They had to shoot him before the end came.

-The hill-sides have not been free from snow for a number of days, and have assumbed quite a wintry appearance.

-We note the Editor’s new prize offers, and here by volunteer for another year and, ---wonder who wants a good sewing machine?

-An engine got off the track on the Lime Kiln spur this morning and caused considerable worry and work for a number of hours.

-The wise ones who predicted that corn would be 15 cents per bushel are like the almanac man—slightly mistaken in their prognostication.

-Aunt Naomi Daughtery departed this life Friday morning at the advanced age of 83 years. The ranks of our old settlers are gradually thinning out.

-Our old friend, Fred Weyer, is sadly missed from the circle of youngsters who congregate at the post-office. Fred is away down in Texas now.

-Eighteen converts were baptised near Shady Grove Friday. There will be a number of others baptised shortly. This will be quite an accession to the Baptist church at that place.

Dec. 23, 1898
-Dr. J.C. Kenney has been on the sick list.

-G.W. Poole, of Farmington, was in Johnson Saturday.

-S.S. Mayes and wife of Elm Springs visited here Thursday.

-Prof. Shaffer’s school at Stony Point closed last Friday.

-J.B. Vernon is doing a wholesale business shipping turkeys.

-Harvey Lichlyter is contemplating a trip to Kansas during the holidays.

-R.M. Lichlyter entertained Springdale relatives Saturday and Sunday.

-Wm. Mayes disposed of a number of fine hogs to Springdale buyers today.

-The Knights of the Horse hold another meeting at Stony Point tonight.

-The stock-holders of the Fruitmen’s Union held a meeting at the switch.

-The holidays are right at hand, and from present appearances, they will be rather dull here.

-We are alarmed after taking a retrospective glance back to ’97 at the way the ranks of our former schoolmates have been thinned by marriage. Quite a lot of young people have taken the marriage vow and they say that others are contemplating a move to that direction. Well----well--- --- more anon!

-A.T. Sheesley, of Exeter, Mo., assisted at the mill last week during the absence of Mr. Langford.

-W.P. Langford attended the poultry show last week and won several premiums on Wyandotte chickens.

-A number of items are omitted this week on account of the holiday advertising that will be in “The News.”

-Mr. Willis Curtis and Miss Dora Mayes were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents last Thursday evening. Rev. James Dodson, of Springdale, performed the ceremony. Mulkeepmo’s best wishes are extended to this young couple.

“New hope may bloom, and days may come,
Of milder, calmer beam
But there is nothing half so sweet in life,
As love’s young dream.”
-And it falls to our lot to also chronicle another wedding this week. Mr. Burtice Johnson and Miss Josie Lichlyter were joined in happy wedlock, by Rev. I.M. Phillips of Springdale, at the home of the bride’s parents on last Sunday evening, Dec. 18, 1898. Mulkeepmo extends his best wishes to the happy couple.


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