Johnson Jottings of 1913

August 22, 1913
-Pink Garrett is visiting at Muskogee, Okla. this week.
-Rev. J.R. Loving conducted religious services here Sunday morning.
-Mrs. George Austin is convalescing from a serious attack of typhoid fever.
-Mrs. J.E. McClendon, of Proctor, Okla., is visiting with Johnson friends this week.
-The intended protracted meeting at Stony Point was postponed indefinite- ly Sunday.
-Miss Inez Mullins, of Inez, New Mexico, is visiting relatives and friends around Johnson.
-Uncle Tom Nail is getting along nicely from the hurts received when he fell from his wagon some weeks ago.
-Wanted, at once, a big, old-fashioned, ground soaking rain to put an end to this long spell of hot weather.
-Lee Skillern went down to Proctor, Okla., Friday morning to go to work again for the Proctor Mercantile Co.
-Mrs. Hayes and children arrived Friday and our new agent, Hugh Hayes, is now housekeeping in rooms at the Cottage Inn.
-The hot, dusty weather of last week caused the most of the Johnson folks to stay at home and not journey to the big doings at Prairie Grove and Tontitown.
-The local A.H.T.A. members are requested to not forget that the annual election of officers will be held at the regular meeting which convenes Friday night, Aug. 22.
-Rural carrier Smith is thinking seriously of getting a motorcycle for the rural route. If he does, why Celsus will have to come over and give him a few lessons about managing the machine.
-A delegate of Holy Rollers believers under the leadership of Rev. C.W. Vaughn, started a series of meetings here last week. They are holding services down by Clear Creek just south of Johnson.
-Mrs. G.P. Hanks has received letters from Clovis, New Mex., informing her that her sister, Aunt Jane Burnett is suffering from a stroke of paralysis and that there was scarcely a hope for her recovery.
-C.W. Davis has been making some long needed repairs to the residence down there on the old Blaise farm. Mr. Davis’ house old goods arrived last week from Texas, and he and Mrs. Davis are now busily engaged in straightened up for another sojourn of the Davis Jersey Farm.
-Prof. J.L. Harris, who was the principal of the Johnson school for the past two years, is now teaching at Habberton, Ark., but is arranging to make a run for the Democratic nomination for assessor. “Jim” is a mighty fine young man and his many friends here hope that he will be the winner.
-Will Bennett and Bert Hanks started in yesterday morning to build that new residence for Bob Wilkinson on the hill side, part of where Ben Johnson now lives. Hugh Lichlyter owns a tract of land between Bob and Ben, and he will also build a residence there in the near future.
-Rev. Shep Luper returned yesterday from a few weeks ___ ___ ___near Westville, Okla. During the trip, Bro. Luper has been engaged in several revival meetings in which there was 76 conversions of whom 54 were baptized by him. He will return to Oklahoma and in September ___ ____ ____ meetings.
-A south bound freight had traveled here yesterday evening as it was pull ing out from the side tract after meeting the north bound passenger train. A pair of trucks jumped the switch track and three empty coal cars were derailed before the train was stopped. It was several hours before the track was put in shape for traffic again. Two empty cars were lost, besides damage to track which will give the section crew work for some time.

August 29, 1913
-Postmaster C.W. Thompson visited at Springdale Sunday.
-Squire Shiller is doing a real estate business as a vacation from farm work.
-Mrs. Edith Horne, of Springdale, spent several days recently with Miss Nell Banks.
-No rain yet and all rain signs have failed. Yes, ‘tis pretty dry along the Clear Creek Valley.
-Rev. David Hood of Elkins, was here Saturday evening on his way to Shady Grove to fill his regular monthly appointment.
-The English sparrows are getting to be very numerous and aggravating here and many local folks have declared war on the little rascals.
-Local folks are arranging for the Seymour graveyard working on Friday and Saturday of this week. All interested parties are requested to join in this annual working.
-W.F. Jones returned to Fayetteville Thursday after a short visit here with his old soldier comrade Capt. Wm Mayes. Erg. Jones is in very poor health this summer.
-The long dry spell has been tough on old wagons and other vehicles but it has made a lot of work for blacksmith Ben Johnson who is kept busy reparing crippled wheels.
-A bunch of Salem district young fellows passed through Johnson this morning on their way to White river where they intend to hunt pearls while the river is at ____ low stage.
-Dry weather is the main topic in every discussion, and it would be a great relief if a few “__aded clouds” would collide with these empty ones that float along so lazily – maybe ‘twould rain.
-Bob Greathouse has a big slio, and is filling it with corn this week. This is a good way to keep the forage crop from being burned up by the drouth but there’s not _____…
(can’t read)
-Oscar Hughes and family and Archy Luper and family spent the week on an overland trip ___ to the city of Kansas, Okla. Cher___ Luper and sons, John and Ed ___ ___. Ben Luper used to live down near Robinson at the little ___ Top, and it was a great treat for local folks to ___ down there and spend a few days _ hang in the Illinois river.
-Mrs. L. E. McClendon or P___, Okla. Spent last week with friends here while Mr. McClendon was away on a trip to St. Louis where he was buying goods for the general stores in which he has business interests. Mr. McClendon stopped off here Friday on his way home. He has interests now in stores at Elkins and Prairie Grove, Ark., and Welling Elton Todd Proctor, Okla.
-A good a ____ __ at A.H.
-A meeting Friday night and the following officers were elected for the coming year. President:J.A. Farley; Vice Pres.: Arthur Smith; Sec’y:M.D. Mason; Treas.: M.A. Keer; Fin. Sec’y: Phillip McGuire; Guard: Andy Cardwell; Marshall:Wm Basket, Geo W. Thompson, C.M. Lichlyter, and Phillip M. G__r were elected __ ___ the ___ A.H.T.A. ____ state meeting at ___ ___ in October.
-The many Johnson friends and relatives of Mrs. Ina Sisk were shocked Sunday when a message was received stating that she had died Saturday night at her home in Oxford, Miss. The remains shipped to Fayetteville and she was buried Monday evening in the King graveyard on her father’s farm on the Middle Fork of White river above Harris, Ark. Mrs. Sisk had resided in Mississippi….(cannot read rest of column)

September 5, 1913
[most of column illegible]
The Holy Rollers closed their meeting at the Clear Creek crossing last Thursday night. They had fairly good crowds at their services, but failed to make many new believers during their series of meetings here.
Several Johnson folks attended the big reunion at West Fork last week, but the extreme heat kept Capt. Hanks and Capt. Mayes at home. These old veterans are not as nimble and spry as they were fifty years ago.
Paul Steadman has sold his farm on Clear Creek above Tom Nails, to John Swett of Ft. Gibson, Okla. Mr. Swett and family arrived here Thursday with a car of household goods, and are now domiciled on their new farm.
Yesterday was Sunday and today Labor Day, and Carrier Smith will have a big mail for rural route patrons Tuesday morning, as he has a holiday today which he is spending by making a buriness trip out beyond Elm Springs.
Rev. Shep Luper is holding a protracted meeting at Stony Point this week. Rev. Luper is a great revivalist and only returned recently from a series of meetings in Oklahoma where nearly four score converts resulted from his work.
Mrs. C.C. Mayes and children went up to Springdale, Friday evening and journeyed from there Sunday evening to their home in Waterloo, Iowa. They had been spending the ____ period with Arkansas relatives but school opens soon and Ruell and Dayne wanted to get back to their studies.
[rest of column illegible]

September 12, 1913
[most of column illegible]
Prof. J.E. Baggett and Miss Flora Cardwell are getting along the Stoney Point school which opened last week.
Bert Randall who has been living on the C.W. Davis ___ farm for the past year has moved to Healing Springs, Ark.
The showers are coming too late to be much aid to the tomato and melon patches as the drouth has about scorched 'em up.
Capt. Will Mayes was pretty sick several days of last week, but is able to get up to Johnson this week -- but he feels rough yet.
It has been clear so long that the big clouds yesterday attracted quite a bit of attention and folks got up quite early this morning to see if 'twas cloudy yet.
The annual session of the Fayetteville Missionary Baptist Association held last week at Oakland church east of Johnson was attended by a lot of Johnson folks.
W.R. Kerr is giving a commercial law course for students at the Fayetteville Business College. He is a very able lawyer and is ____ of Rev. M.A. Kerr of this place.
[several paragraphs illegible] Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Davidson, who ____ left a year or so ago, nad bought the Will Borum farm west of Johnson rented the place some days ago to Big Jim Claypoole. and moved down to Fayetteville where they will assist ...[illegible]

September 19, 1913
Pleas. Moore and family have moved down to Fayetteville.
[2 paragraphs illegible] Miss Opal Johnson returned Sunday from a short visit with Miss Lydia Cox of Vale, Ark.
Misses Frankie Cardwell and Alma Steward are now attending the High School at Fayetteville.
Lloyd Hite is home again from a sojourn out in Oklahoma where he has been doing _____ work.
[several paragraphs illegible] Edgar Bookout of Ft. Gibson is visiting friends here this week. Edgar is an ex-lime worker...........a good many months ago.
[illegible] The Johnson friends of Mrs. Roy Heckman were shocked to hear of her death last week while she was away on a visit with relatives.
[rest of column illegible]

Oct. 24, 1913
-Paul Settle of Springfield, Mo., is visiting relatives here at present.
-Mrs. Mollie Graham of Springdale visited here Sunday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Belle Cox.
-Bob Wilkinson, finished a fine stone walled cellar under J.H. Boswell’s store a few days ago.
-Orlan Greathouse returned Thursday evening from a stay of two days at the Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla. Fair.
-Misses Beulah Lansford and Grace Key, of Fayetteville, were guests of Miss Lela Cox Saturday night and Sunday morning.
-Rural carrier Smith is wondering just what sort of a wagon he will have to use when the parcels post delivery is instituted.
-Hugh Lichlyter and family returned Sunday evening from Proctor, Okla.; where they had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.E. McClendon.
-There was quite a bit of thunder and lightning along with the big gale of wind and clouds from the west last night but we didn’t get very much rain.
-Sunday was the regular meeting day for the Baptists at New Hope church and Pastor Tillman, assisted by others, is protracting the meeting, during this week.
-Frisco Agent Val Phillips spent Sunday with his family at Washburn, Mo. Charley Thompson attended to the local deepot while Mr. Phillips was away.
-Henry Scroggins disposed of his blacksmith interests here recently to his partner, Geo. W. Thompson. Henry is now doing the fireman act over at the lime kilns.
-A.J. Campbell is yet out in central Oklahoma where he is disposing of apples for local ____ ___ who have been loading and shipping them in car lots to him.
-Ed Bookout and family have moved from the Crescent lime colony to a farm near Stony Point. Ed has been a lime worker for a long time and will try farm life for change.
-Harve Smith, who has been living on Charley Mayes’ farm for some time, is arranging to move down near Steele to the Tom Ben__ farm where he has a big wood cutting contract.
-R.M. Lichlyter, Bob Greathouse, S.A. Luper and M.D. Mason returned Friday from Huntington, Ark., where they had been as delegates to the state meeting of the A.H.T.A.
-Profs Daley, a mathematical “wonder” of Muskogee, Okla., spent several days here recently and gave an exhibition at the school house…to be continued.

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