Johnson Jottings of 1915

Tom Grebe left Sunday on a business trip to Sarcoxie, Mo.
Elbert Keck and wife have returned to Johnson after an absence of several months in Kansas and Oklahoma.
Mrs. A.D. Appleby left Sunday evening for a visit to Nevada, Mo.
J.E. McClendon of Proctor, Okla. was transacting business here Monday.
Dick Lichlyter and wife are spending a couple of weeks with relatives near Douglas, Kansas.
Milton Hill was spending a portion of his vacation with friends here. Mr. Hill resides in Washington, D.C.
Mrs. Myrtle Lockhart returned recently from a long visit with relatives in Sarooxia, Mo.
Allen Weaver is making sorghum molasses at his home north west of Johnson.
The Narmore family moved to Oklahoma last week. They have been residing south of here for a couple of years.
Prof. Routhac and family and Miss Rhoda vernon spent Saturday and Sunday near Harmon, Ark.
Mrs. Silvia Reed arrived from St. Louis, Mo., last Thesday to visit her mother, Mrs. Linda Maxey, who is very ill. Mrs. Maxey has been sick for quite a long period.
Harry Spurgeon is at Lowell, Ark. where he is working on the Frisco as a section hand.
Carlos Mayes has bought that portion of the Hewitt farm which was willed to Mrs. Alice Danks by her sister, Miss Belle Hewitt, who died some months ago. There is about fourty acres in the tract.
Virgil Luallen and Ellis Plumlee have been helping make apple barrels at Springdale during the last week.
Rev. Moody conducted religious services here Sunday evening. He resides at Goshen, Ark., and visits here on each first Sunday.
Witt Maxey believes that it does pay to advertise, as a short ad in The News found a lost blank check book and seven dollars in currency in a day or so after publication.
A lot of Johnson folks attended the Fair at Fayetteville last week, and several local exhibitors captured various premiums.
Mrs. Bert Kisner died Monday morning, Oct. 4, after a protracted attack of fever. The bereaved husband and two little children have the deep sympathy of a host of friends. Funeral services today were followed by burial in the Seymour graveyard. Mrs. Kisner will be remembered by far away Johnson folks as Lizzie Maskill.
The singing school at Johnson closes tonight, and Miss Smith will go to Stony Point where she will give a series of lessons for aspiring vocalists. After the close of the Stony Point lessons she will probably return here to give further instruction to the local singers. Miss Smith is from Eldon, Okla.
William Tate has moved that sawmill here from near Mount Comfort, and is now located on the Lewallen ranch, east otf Johnson, where there is quite a lot of oak timber.
Mrs. Routhac is assisting in the local public school which now has an enrollment of more than 120. This is the first time this district had to have three teachers.
John BOswell has been having quite a lot of paint used on the buildings of the old Pearce property which now belongs to him. His improvements there add much to local upbuilding.
Bert Hanks and Will Luper are making apple barrels at Fayetteville.
Capt. G.P. Hanks purchased a horse and buggy recently from Chas. Norberry, of Fayetteville. Mr. Norberry is going to buy an auto.

October 29, 1915
Miss Rhoda Vernon returned Monday from a visit with her parents near Harmon.
Arthur Smith and wife made a business trip to West Fork Saturday.
John Horne and family returned Sunday evening from a visit in Robinson, Ark.
Born, October 21, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bookout.
Born, October 21, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Val Phillips.
Miss Irene Routhac came up from Greenland, Ark., Sunday to attend public school here.
George Austin and family have moved from Springdale to the John Late farm, north of Johnson, where material is now being hauled for the building of a new dwelling and barn.
Will Nail is getting lumber for the erection of an addition to his barn.
This is the last week for the Johnson rural route, as Fayetteville and Springdale carriers have captured the territory served by Carter Smith, who goes on the "waiting list" to transfer to some other rural section. The shake-up has caused quite a bit of growling among the people affected by the change as it will probably be some time before their mail will come along regularly.
The Johnson postoffice has not been discontinued, and Postmaster Chas. Thompson will continue to service the patrons who receive their mail at the office.
A large crowd was in attendance Thursday at the public sale, on the Roy Stuart farm, east of Johnson.
"Johnney" was over from Oak Grove Thursday evening and was a visitor of the wigwam of Mulkeepmo.
Mr. and Mrs. Manford Reed return to St. Louis, Mo. today after a visit with relatives here.
Mrs. Mattie Thompson, of Hazel Valley, has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Stokes.
Ben Johnson Jr. and wife, spent Sunday in Cave Springda.
Hal Crum and Bert Hanks went up to Bentonville Sunday evening to make some more apple barrels.
Prof. Routhac and family spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives near Pea Ridge, Ark.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dyes and Mr. and Mrs. White Kennan were Springdale poeple who were guests here Sunday.
Capt. G.P. Hanks was a delegate from the local lodge to the Washington County A.H.T.A. quarterly meeting which convened in Fayetteville Saturday.

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