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The Hundred Families Surnames

The Hundred Families Surnames [am

For historical reasons the Chinese surnames are placed in the following order [The numbers ending the surnames indicate the 4 tones in the standard dialect]:
B5 No PinYin Description
1 Zhao4 (to return the goods to the original owner; to go away rapidly), Chao4 (Wade-Giles), Chew, Chieu, Chu (Cantonese), Chiu
2 Qian2 (cash, coin, money), Ch'ien2 (Wade-Giles)
] 3 Sun1 (grandson, descendants , MoyGen#41 ), Suen3 [r39]
4 Li3 (plum), Lee(Cantonese), Ly(Vietnamese)
P 5 Zhou1 (complete, encircle), Chou1 (Wade-Giles), Joe [r30.5], Chow
d 6 Wu2 (surname, province of Jiangsu), Woo(Mandarin), Ng (Cantonese), Ang, Eng (Anglicized Cantonese) [r36.4]
G 7 Zheng4 (serious; solemn), Cheng4 (Wade-Giles), Cheng (Cantonese), Chung
8 Wang2 (king; ruler; chief; the highest rank in a feudal society), Ong, Wong, Heng
9 Feng2 (horse running), Foong, Fung, Pang
10 Chen2 (display, stale), Ch'en2 (Wade-Giles), Chin, Chan (Cantonese), Tan
u 11 Chu3 (surname, Broussonetia kasinoki)
12 Wei4 (protect)
13 Jiang3 (surname)
H 14 Shen3 (place name)
15 Han2 (surname)
16 Yang2 (poplar; aspen), Young, Yeo, Yong, Yeung
17 Zhu1 (vermilion, red, scarlet), Chu, Gee (Cantonese)
18 Qin2 (name of a dynasty)
19 You2 (especially)
\ 20 Xu3 (to permit), Hs�3 (Wade-Giles), Hui, Huie (Cantonese), Hsu
21 He2 (carry, what/how/why/which), Ho2 (Wade-Giles), Hor, Ko (Cantonese) [r9.5]
f 22 L�3 (a musical note)
I 23 Shi1 (distribute (alms)), Sze
i 24 Zhang1 (open up), Chang1 (Wade-Giles), Cheung(Cantonese), Chong, Teoh(Fukien Hakka), Teo, Chiang, Cheong, Jong [r57.8]
25 Kong3 (hole), K'ung3 (Wade-Giles), Kung
26 Cao2 (Plural;a class; state, several, a government board), Ts'ao2 (Wade-Giles), Tow, Tso (Cantonese)
Y 27 Yan2 (air or water) tight, stern, strict, rigorous, severe, austere (phonetic, from cliff D and courage ), Yim(Cantonese)
28 Hua4 (name of a mountain)
29 Jin1 (gold)
Q 30 Wei4 (name of a dynasty), Wei, Gooi
31 Tao2 (pleased, pottery), T'ao2 (Wade-Giles)
32 Jiang1 (surname)
33 Qi1 (relative)
34 Xie4 (to thank), Hsieh4 (Wade-Giles), Dea, Dear, Der, Deer(Cantonese), Che, She, Tse, Tze
Q 35 Zou1 (name of district in Shandong), Tsou1 (Wade-Giles)
36 Yu4 (metaphor, analogy; example; like)
f 37 Bai3 (cedar/cypress)
38 Shui3 (water)
u 39 Dou4 (sinus (anatom.), hole, burrow), Tou4 (Wade-Giles)
40 Zhang1 (chapter, seal)
41 Yun2 (say, speak; clouds)
Ĭ[q] 42 Su1 (revive from unconsciousness)
43 Pan1 (place name)
44 Ge3 (surname)
O 45 Xi1 (what why)
S 46 Fan4 (model)
^ 47 Peng2 (surname)
48 Lang2 (a youth)
| 49 Lu3 (crass, place name)
50 Wei2 (soft leather) (surname)
51 Chang1 (flourishing, flatter)
52 Ma3 (horse), Mah, Mar
] 53 Miao2 (Miao tribe, sprout)
54 Feng4 (male phoenix)
55 Hua1 (flower, blossoms)
56 Fang1 (direction, side, place, region, square, method), Fong (Cantonese)
\ 57 Yu2 (consent, approve, make a canoe) You?
58 Ren4 (assume a post, appoint)
K 59 Yuan2 (long flowing robe)
h 60 Liu3 (willow tree)
Z 61 Feng1 (surname, name of an ancient city)
j 62 Bao4 (abalone)
v 63 Shi3 (history)
64 Tang2 (Tang dynasty), [r30.8]
O 65 Fei4 (expenses, to waste)
G 66 Lian2 (incorrupt, inexpensive)
67 Cen2 (small high hill), Sam, Sum, Shum, Tsen, Gim
68 Xue1 (a kind of wild grass, wormwood), Hs栃h1 (Wade-Giles).
p 69 Lei2 (thunder), Louis, Lui (Cantonese)
P 70 He4 (congratulate)
71 Ni2 (surname)
72 Tang1 (soup), Tong(Cantonese), Hong(Toisanese)
73 Teng2 (place name)
74 Yin1 (dynasty, flourishing)
ù 75 Luo2 (a net to catch birds; snare; catch with a net or trap; list; arrange; spread out; a kind of light silk; gauze) Law, Loh, Lo, Lao
76 Bi4 (the whole of, to finish)
q 77 Hao3 (ancient place name)
78 Wu1 (ancient place name)
w 79 An1 (peaceful, quiet, still, to pacify, rest, calm, tranquil) [r40.3]
` 80 Chang2, (constant/often)
81 Le4,Yue4 Le4 (happy, laugh), Yue4 (surname), music
_ 82 Yu2 (at/in), with, as to, [r7.1]
83 Shi2 (O'clock, time, when)
84 Fu4 (tutor) ( Asian Roots: 148)
85 Pi2 (leather, skin)
86 Bian4 (hurried)
87 Qi2 (even, to make even)
d 88 Kang1 (ease, health, peaceful, spongy (of radishes)),[r53.8], Hong3 (Cantonese), Peace, Prosperity, (surname)
89 Wu3 (army troop), Ng (Cantonese), Eng (Anglicized Cantonese)
E 90 Yu2 (I/me), Y�2 (Wade-Giles), Yee (Cantonese)
91 Yuan2 (first, origin, vital principle, a dollar(yuan), dynasty , MoyGen#11 ), Ngeun, Ue-n5
R 92 Bu3 (to divine)
U 93 Gu4 (look around, look about)
s 94 Meng4 (first)
95 Ping2 (level)
96 Huang2 (sulfur, yellow), Wong (Cantonese, Foochow), Hwang (Mandarin), Ng (Hokkien, Teochiew), Wee, Oei, Ooi (Hokkien), Bong (Hakka), Huynh (Vietnamese), Hwang (Korean)
M 97 He2 (harmonious)
p 98 Mu4 (solemn)
99 Xiao1 (mournful, the name of a herbal grass), Siew, Siu, Seow, Hsiao
100 Yin3 (to rule)
101 Yao2 (surname)
102 Shao4 (place name)
103 Zhan4 (deep/clear (water))
L 104 Wang1 (expanse of water, ooze)
105 Qi2 (surname)
106 Mao2 (fur/hair)
107 Yu3 (name of an emperor)
f 108 Di2 (barbarians, name of a tribe)
109 Mi3 (metre, uncooked rice)
110 Bei4 (cowry/shell)
111 Ming2 (clear/bright)
N 112 Zang1 (good/lucky)
p 113 Ji4 (reckon, ruse, to plan)
114 Fu2 (conceal (ambush), prostrate, submit) ( Asian Roots: 145)
115 Cheng2 (to complete)
116 Dai4 (wear; bear; put on (the body)), Tai4 (Wade-Giles)
117 Tan2 (to chat/discuss)
118 Song4 (name of a dynasty)
T 119 Mao2 (thatch)
e 120 Pang2 (huge, mixed)
121 Xiong2 (a bear)
122 Ji4 (order/discipline, record)
123 Shu1 (relax)
} 124 Qu1 (bent, feel wronged)
125 Xiang4 (back of neck, item)
126 Zhu4 (invoke, pray to)
127 Dong3 (direct, supervise, govern)
128 Liang2 (ridge pole, beam of roof, bridge, an elevation), Leong, Leung (Cantonese), [Chung How Tong ]
129 Du4 (fabricate, restrict), Doe
130 Ruan3 (surname)
131 Lan2 (basket)
{ 132 Min3 (feel compassion for)
u 133 Xi2 (banquet, woven mat)
u 134 Ji4 (season)
135 Ma2 (hemp, numb, to bother)
j 136 Qiang2 (surname)
137 Jia3 (surname)
138 Lu4 (road)
139 Lou2 (star)
M 140 Wei1 (surname)
141 Jiang1 (large river), Chiang1 (Wade-Giles), Gong (Cantonese)
142 Tong2 (boy, child)
C 143 Yan2 (color, countenance)
144 Guo1 (outer city wall), Kwok
145 Mei2 (Plum), Moy, Mui (Cantonese), Bui (Hokkien, Vietnamese)
146 Sheng4 (flourishing)
L 147 Lin2 (woods), Lam (Cantonese), Lim(Hokkien), Lum
N 148 Diao1 (artful, wicked)
149 Zhong1 (bell)
} 150 Xu2 (slow, slowly, gradually), Shu, Shaw, Seah, Hsu, Shi
151 Qiu1 (a small hill; a mound), Khu, Khoo(Hokkien), Kau, Yau(Cantonese), Hui, Hew/Hiu(Hakka)
d 152 Luo4 (camel)
153 Gao1 (surname)
L 154 Xia4 (summer)
155 Cai4 (surname), Chai, Chua, Chye, Choy, Tsai
156 Tian2 (field/farm)
157 Fan2 (cage, fence)
J 158 Hu2 (beard, what why how, reckless, blindly)
159 Ling2 (ice, approach; advance, encroach, soar)
N 160 Huo4 (cholera)
161 Yu2 (surname)
U 162 Wan4 (numeral word for ten thousand, many, myriad, all , MoyGen#23 ), Mon, Maa^n1, Won
163 Zhi1 (surname)
_ 164 Ke1 (the stem of the branches of a tree or a grass, handle of axe)
165 Zan3 (surname)
166 Guan3 (take care, to control, tube/pipe)
c 167 Lu2 (surname)
168 Mo4 (do not, is not, can not;negative)
g 169 Jing1 (surname)
170 Fang2 (surname)
171 Qiu2 (fur/fur coat)
[ 172 Miao4 (surname)
z 173 Gan1 (dry, to concern)
174 Xie4 (surname)
175 Ying4 (to answer)
v 176 Zong1 (ancestor, family , MoyGen#18 ), Dung, Tsung(Cantonese),[r40.5]
B 177 Ding1 (4th heavenly stem)
178 Xuan1 (surname)
N 179 Ben1 Ben1 Fei2, (surname), bi4, (forge ahead, energetic)
H 180 Deng4 (surname), Teng4(Wades-Giles), Tang(Cantonese), Thien, Thean, Thian (Hakka)
181 Yu4 (elegant)
182 Shan4 (surname)
C 183 Hang2 (Hangzhou)
x 184 Hong2 (flood), Hung2 (Wade-Giles)
] 185 Gao1 (surname) Bao1
186 Zhu1 (all/many)
187 Zuo3 (surname Zuo which means Left (direction) is a surname of profession )
188 Shi2 (stone/rock)
Z 189 Cui1 (high mountain, precipitous)
N 190 Ji2 (lucky),  [r30.3]
s 191 Niu3 (button)
192 Gong1 (surname)
{ 193 Cheng2 (extent, journey)
] 194 Ji1 (inspect/check), later changed to R, name of a mountain
195 Xing2 (place name)
196 Hua2 (comical, cunning, slippery)
p 197 Pei2 (surname)
198 Lu4 (land, continent, the shore), Luk (Cantonese)
a 199 Rong2 (glory, honored), Wing, Whe-ng (Cantonese)
200 Weng1 (old man, elderly person)
201 Xun2 (surname)
202 Yang2 (goat, sheep)
203 Yu1 (surname)
f 204 Hui4 (favor, kind act (from above))
205 Zhen1 (to mold)
T 206 Qu1 (surname)
a 207 Jia1 (home/family, household), [40.7]
208 Feng1 (M for letters, to seal)
ͺ 209 Rui4 (small)
210 Yi4 (name of a famous archer)
x 211 Chu3 (savings, to save)
212 Jin4 (surname), martingale, stingy
V 213 Ji2 (draw water from well)
214 Bing3 (surname), ancient city name, happy
S 215 Mi2 (dissolved, rice-gruel, wasted)
Q 216 Song1 (loose, pine)
217 Jing3 (well, mine shaft, pit)
q 218 Duan4 (paragraph, section, a piece, a part, a portion)
I 219 Fu4 rich ( Asian Roots: 149)
220 Wu1 (wizard, witch)
Q 221 Wu1 (a crow, black, dark)
J 222 Jiao1 (scorched)
223 Ba1 (to hope)
} 224 Gong1 (a bow (weapon))
225 Mu4 (shepherd)
226 Kui2 (surname), Kui, Wei
s 227 Shan1 (mountain/hill)
228 Gu3 (valley)
229 Che1 (vehicle on land)
J 230 Hou2 (marquis)
W 231 Mi4 (surname), still/silent
232 Peng2 ((grass), disheveled)
233 Quan2 (complete(ly), fully, wholly, entire, all, perfect)
234 Chi1 (surname), name of an ancient city, Xi, Chi
Z 235 Ban1 (class/rank)
236 Yang3 (look up, face upward, admire, rely on, respect), [r9.4]
237 Qiu1 (a swing, autumn)
238 Zhong4 (2nd in seniority)
239 Yi1 (he/she)
c 240 Gong1 (palace, palatial)
241 Ning2,4 (peaceful, rather)
242 Qiu2 (match/mate), Qiu, Chou
243 Luan2 (Koelreuteria paniculata)
244 Bao4 (cruel/violent)
245 Gan1 (sweet, delicious, pleasant)
o 246 Tou3 (surname), Dou, Tou
F 247 Li4 (severe)
248 Rong2 (weapon)
249 Zu3 (ancestor, grand- (as in grandfather))
Z 250 Wu3 (martial/military)
251 Fu2 (coincide, symbol, written charm, seal, chop), Foo, Pu, Fu
B 252 Liu2 (to kill), Lau (Cantonese), [r18.3]
253 Jing3 (bright, circumstance, scenery), Ying3
254 Zhan1 (excellent, verbose), Chaim (Hainan)
255 Shu4 (bind, to control)
s 256 Long2 (dragon), Lung2 (Wade-Giles), Loong
257 Ye4 (leaf, page), Yeh4 (Wade-Giles), Yap, Yep, Yip
258 Xing4 (fortunate)
q 259 Si1 (company, control), See (Cantonese)
260 Shao2 ((music), excellent, harmonious)
261 Gao4 (surname), name of a feudal state
262 Li2 (black), Li, Lai, Le(Vietnamese)
263 Ji4 (cirsium)
264 Bo Bo2 (mean, slight, thin), Bo4 (peppermint)
L 265 Yin4 (to print)
J 266 Su4 (lodge for the night, old/former)
267 Bai2 (gratuitous, white/pure, snowy) (surname)
h 268 Huai2 (bosom, cherish, Close to the Chest - Embrace / Confidant)
Z 269 Pu2 (calamus)
270 Tai2 (surname), name of a feudal state
q 271 Cong cong1 (unhurried), cong2 (follow, from), zong4 (second cousin)
k 272 E4 (hupeh)
273 Suo3 (isolated, search into, to exact)
w 274 Xian2 (all, in all cases, salty)
y 275 Ji2 (record/register)
276 Lai4 (disclaim, rely, to blame, depend on, trust in)
277 Zhuo2 (surpassing, lofty, deep, high, distinguished, prominent, outstanding) (surname)
ĩ 278 Lin4 (juncus effusus)
O 279 Tu2 (slaughter, slaughter man)
X 280 Meng meng1 (hoodwink), meng2 (Mongolia, cover), meng3 (surname)
281 Chi2 (pond)
282 Qiao2 (tall)
283 Yin1 (cloudy, negative (electric.), shady)
{ 284 Yu4 (dense (growth), melancholy)
E 285 Xu1 (all, assist, to store)
286 Neng2 (able/can, energy, ability/potential)
a 287 Cang1 (dark blue, fly/musca)
288 Shuang1 (pair)
D 289 Wen2 (hear, sniff at)
290 Xin2 (surname)
291 Dang3 (surname)
C 292 Zhe Zhe, Di2 (long-tail pheasant), Zhai2 (surname)
293 Tan2 (to talk, boast, gossip), Tam (Cantonese), Ham, Hom, Hum, Thom, Tom (Taishanese)
^ 294 Gong4 to pay tribute, tribute, gift,(historical) to select or recommend talents for the imperial court
295 Lao2 to do manual labour, fatigued, work, meritorious deed, worker (surname)
296 Pang2 (surname)
V 297 Ji1 beauty, imperial concubine, (surname), used by the ruling family of the House of Zhou
298 Shen1 (3-5 p.m., 9th earthly branch, extend)
299 Fu2 to support ( Asian Roots: 144)
300 Du3 wall, stifle (surname)
T 301 Ran3 (passing (of time))
_ 302 Zai3 (govern, slaughter)
Ű 303 Li4 (ancient place name)
l 304 Yong1 (harmonious)
o 305 Xi4 (surname), crack, occasion
306 Qu2 (jade ring)
307 Sang1 (mulberry)
308 Gui4 (Cinnamonum cassia), Kwei
309 Pu2 (surname)
310 Niu2 (cow, ox)
311 Shou4 long life, age, [r33.11]
q 312 Tong1 (know well, expert)
313 Bian1 (side, border)
314 Hu4 (retinue)
P 315 Yan1 (place name)
316 Ji4 (Hebei)
317 Jia2 (surname)
318 Pu3 (river bank, shore)
| 319 Shang4 (to esteem, aspire, still, superior, MoyGen#29), Sheu^ng2
A 320 Nong2 (farmer)
[温] 321 Wen1 (lukewarm, to review), Won
O 322 Bie2 (leave, classify)
323 Zhuang1 (village, farmstead)
324 Yan4 (late, quiet)
325 Chai2 (firewood)
£ 326 Qu2 (surname), Chu
F 327 Yan2 (gate of village)
R 328 Chong1 (satisfy, substitute)
} 329 Mu4 (admire)
s 330 Lian2 (even/as, join)
331 Ru2 (eat, vegetables)
332 Xi2 (practice)
333 Huan4 (eunuch)
334 Ai4 (Artemisia vulgaris)
335 Yu2 (fish)
e 336 Rong2 (contain), [r40.7]
V 337 Xiang4 (towards)
j 338 Gu3 (ancient, old), Koo(Hakka)
339 Yi4 (change, easy)
V 340 Shen4 (careful)
341 Ge1 (spear)
342 Liao4 (surname), Lew (Cantonese), [r53.11]
h 343 Yu3 (name of a mountain)
344 Zhong1 (finish)
[ 345 Ji4 (reach)
~ 346 Ju1 (reside)
347 Heng2 (weigh, measure)
B 348 Bu4 (walk, march)
349 Du1 (metropolis)
350 Geng3 (bright)
351 Man3 (fill, pack)
352 Hong2 (liberal, great)
J 353 Kuang1 to aid, correct, reform,(surname), [r22.4],.Hong5 (Cantonese) to rectify
354 Guo2 (nation, kingdom, country, people, state), Gok, Gauk, Gwock, [r31.8]
355 Wen2 (literary, character, script, writing)
F[㓂] 356 Kou4 (plunder, bandit)
s 357 Guang3 (wide, vast, extensive), [r53.12]
S 358 Lu4 (good fortune)
359 Que1 (imperial city)
F 360 Dong1 (east)
361 Ou1 (surname)
_ 362 Shu1 (spear)
U 363 Wo4 (fertile, irrigate)
Q 364 Li4 (sharp, clever, gain, interest), [r18.5]
365 Yu4 (impressive)
V 366 Yue4 (surpass, exceed)
367 Kui2 (rain god)
368 Long2 (intense, swell)
v 369 Shi1 (teacher, master)
d 370 Gong3 (secure, solid)
371 She4 (surname)
¿ 372 Nie4 (whisper, speak softly near the ear)
373 Chao2 (surname)
374 Gou1 (attract, collude, affair)
375 Ao2 (ramble, rove)
376 Rong2 (melt)
N 377 Leng3 (cold), [r15.5]
378 Zi1 (backbite, wealth)
379 Xin1 (hot, suffering)
E 380 Kan4 (glance, peep)
381 Na1 (that, then), Nuo
² 382 Jian3 (simple, letter)
383 Rao2 (to spare)
384 Kong1 (empty, sky)
385 Zeng1 (great-grand (father)), Tseng1 (Wade-Giles), Dong, Tsang (Cantonese) Cheng, Chng, Jeng
386 Wu2 (nobody, no)
F 387 Sha1 (granule, hoarse/raspy, sand), Sa(Cantonese)
A 388 Mie1 (squint)
i 389 Yang3 (surname)
390 Ju1 (bring up)
391 Xu1 (mustache, beard)
392 Feng1 (luxuriant, buxom)
_ 393 Chao2 (nest)
394 Guan1 (mountain pass, shut), Kuan1 (Wade-Giles), Kwan, Quan (Cantonese)
395 Kuai3 (a rush)
396 Xiang1 (appearance, mutual)
d 397 Zha1 (surname)
398 Hou4 (behind, back)
399 Jing1 (thorns/brambles)
401 You2 (to roam/travel, to swim, wandering, moving all the time)
402 Zhu2 (surname)
\ 405 Ge3 (surname)
q 406 Yi4 (surname)
407 Huan2 (Sapindus mukurosi)
408 Gong1 (public, common, male), [r12.02]
q 410 Si1 Ma3 (an ancient title of an officer who was in charge of the armed forces of the country), Sze Ma, See Ma
ڶ 412 Ou1 Yang2 (Europe - positive (electric.), sun, bright, clear, masculine, pertaining to the world), Au-Yong, Ow-Yang
q{ 437 Si1 Tu2 (an official in charge ritual ceremony in the ancient Ruler's Court), Su-Tu, Seto(Cantonese)
c 491 Tong2 (surname), T'ung2 (Wade-Giles)
508 Di3 (the residence of a high official, lodging-house)
510 Mai4 (wheat, a general term for crops like barley, wheat and oat), Mak


Alphabetical Index of Chinese Surnames
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The Origin of Hundred Surnames

The Chinese surnames are traditionally placed in a certain order. They were arranged in the form of a poem that schoolchildren would memorize. The first 408 characters correspond to single character surnames that existed during the Song Dynasty. The next 60 characters correspond to 30 double character surnames of that period. Additional surnames follow.


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