Look Wai House, Eng Suey Sun, of Taishan, Guangdong

Look Wai 綠圍 House, Eng Suey Sun[伍胥山公所], of Taishan[台山], Guangdong

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Founding Ancestor

Most of the transliterations below are in Cantonese only. Some of the information about Ng Mung comes from Genealogy of the Nine Lineages of the Ng Clan《伍氏九族家譜》, written in 1840 by Ng Mun Juk 伍民則.

Today, most members of the Ng clan live in China's Gwong Doong (Guangdong) Province 廣東省. Because of extensive immigration by the Cantonese people, however, many clan members also live outside China, in places such as the United States.

The Ng clan is divided into several major houses or fong , each with its own founding ancestor. Two of those houses, the Look Wai 綠圍, also known as the Chueh Gwok 柱國, and the Hon Yuen 翰苑, originated in what is now Hoi Foong (Kaifeng), Hoh Nahm (Henan) Province 河南開封 and eventually settled in Dau Doong[Au Ung,Tautung], northern Toishan County, Guangdong 台山縣斗洞鄉(around and south of Gungyik [Gongyi, Kung-i-fou, Goong Yik] 公 益).

Mung Goong 氓公 (1097-1152), whose other names were Yook Sing 毓聖 and Gwok Bun 國賓, was the founder of the Look Wai house, the largest house of the Ng clan. A native of Bin Leung 汴梁 (the ancient name for Kaifeng), he became a joon see 進士 (a holder of the third degree in the civil service examinations, roughly equivalent to a doctorate) in 1123. He served as ping jeung see 平章事 (a minister of state) and as gwong look dai foo 光祿大夫 (an honorary position) for the Soong (Song) Dynasty. As a reward for meritorious service, he received the title of seung chueh gwok 上柱國 (from which the other name of the house is derived). Because he opposed the imperial will, he was banished to the south. There, as a general, he guarded Nahm Yun Jau 南恩州 (present-day Yanping County 恩平縣, Guangdong.) After Mung Goong's death, his wife, Muk Shee 麥氏 (1111-1198), who herself had the title of foo yun 夫人, decided that she and her two sons would make their home in Mun Jeung Village, Sunwui County 新會縣文章里 (now located in Dau Doong, Toishan). The location of this home is now Gong Dai Village 崗 戴 鄉, Dau Doong, Toishan 斗洞大巷. The Look Wai ("green all around") house takes its name from the willow trees Muk Shee planted all around her residence.
Sunwui was split into Sunwui and Toishan [original name =Sunning] in 1499.

Source: Gregory Kimm 伍洞良.

 The ancestors are buried on mountain cemeteries east of Gungyik [Goong Yik] 公 益 , which were visited every five years. Emigrees to America first went to one of these reunions at the ancestral hall[NG Suey Sun, 伍胥山公所]

Look Wai House Generation Poem

啟 元 應 瑞 重 道 德 允 維 榮
Kai    Ngeun  Yen    Thleuy Jung     Oh     Ak     Wun    Wei     Wen
qi3    yuan2  Ying4  rui4   zhong4   dao4   de2    yun3   wei2    rong2
K'ai/1 Ue-n5  Ying1  Sui^5  Chu^ng1  To^1   Tak2   Wa~n1  Wai-7   Wi-ng1

文 學 于 時 尚 世 思 紹 聖 明
Mun    Hauk   Yee    See    Sieng    Sigh   Thlieu Seuw   Sing    Ming
wen2   xue2   yu2    shi2   shang4   shi4   si1    shao4  sheng4  ming2
Ma-n1  Ho-k1  Ue2    Shi-1  Sheu^ng2 Shai`1 Sz4    Shiu^1 Shi`ng1 Mi-ng1
mun    hauk   yee    see    seung    si     thlieu sieu   sien    ming

光 宗 開 令 嗣 衍 緒 普 慈 仁
Thong  Dung   Hoi    Len    Thlu     Nge    Thlu   Pou    Thl     Ngen
guang1 zong1  kai1   ling4  si4      yan3   xu4    pu3    ci2     re/n
Kwong1 Tsung1 Hoi1   Li^ng1 Tsz^3    I/n6   Sui~1  P'o/1  Ts'z-6  Ya-n2

保 大 勤 承 業 端 和 永 協 倫
Bo     Ai     Kin    Fung   Ngep     Thliu  Woh    Wen    Hep     Lun
bao3   da4    qin2   feng   ye4      duan1  he2    yo~ng  xie2    lun2
Po/1   Taai^1 K'a-n1 Fung11 I-p2     Tuen1  Wo-h1  Wi~ng1 Hi-p3   Lu-n1
Source:Caretaker NG~6Ue2ch'au-15.

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