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Including, but not limited to: Barricklow, Beaty, Childers, Colclough, Cortelyou, DeHonney, Dinwiddie, Findley, Hamilton, Hodges, House, Johnson, Lewis, Reser, Starkey, Stribling, Van Liew, Vawter, and West.

In the past months as I have searched for information on my ancestors, I've been blessed with finding family I hadn't previously known.

Early on, it was a budding thought in the back of my mind to do something in honor of this family, and to provide information for those who are still searching.

This story is far from over, and many questions remain unanswered regarding our ancestors. But hopefully, this is a place to start, a place to share, and a place to bring us all together.

This project is only just beginning, so there will be many additions and changes in the coming months. And what has been done here, could not have been done without hard work and contributions from others. Thank you Jean P., Sandy C., Barb, Tiss, Marcy, Jean B., Sandy H., Ted, and all the other kin.

And a very special thanks to Pat and Maureen, who have nursed me along learning how to do this thing. God Bless you both.

The following pages may not be to everyone's liking. They do include background music and graphics. The exception to background music will be on pages showing descendancy. Since those pages are pretty much bottom line dates and places, I have opted to omit music. Everything I have put into this was chosen for a specific reason, and each thing says something about the people involved. I believe people are more than statistics. And in my own way, I am trying to tell a more complete story of the people who you will find within these pages. So you see, although it may not be obvious to all, everything here is a reflection of these people. It is my hope to not only provide information, but also insight to the whole being.

* Please keep in mind that these pages are still very new, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have many, many more pages to add, and more information on the family. Please bookmark our home, and do come back and visit. *

But for now, welcome to our humble abode. I'm so glad you stopped by. :O)

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