Freidrich Wilhelm Mumme, Jr.

Freidrich Wilhelm Mumme, Jr.

(April 26 1837 - Mar 23 1921)

William Mumme, Jr.

The Mumme name has been connected with the German brewing industry since the middle ages.

First made in Brunswick in 1480 by Christian Mumme, it changed during the 18th century to an non alcoholic malt extract called "Braunschweiger Mumme".

Freidrich Wilhelm Mumme Jr., known in Australia as William Mumme, was born April 26 1837 in Holstein, Hamburg. William Mumme left School at an early age and worked in brewing in Waldolf near Hamburg, Germany. After working there some time he transferred to "The Poppenbuttel Brewery".

Family lore states that in 1857, the family won the Irish lottery, and his father Freidrich Sr. decided the family would sail for Australia. They sailed on the "Peter Godeffroy" leaving Hamburg on May 11, 1857, and although listed to disembark in Melbourne, Victoria, they disembarked in South Australia on September 7, 1857.

When Friedrich Jr. (William) arrived in Australia he worked as a farmer in Mt. Gambier for 12 years.
He took the Oath of Allegiance on 1st October 1866 in Mount Gambier. He was 28 years old and had lived in Australia for 9 years. This Certificate was signed by Justice of Peace Edward Wehl in Mount Gambier on August 8, 1866. His occupation at that time was listed as farmer.-This information was obtained from the Australian Archives in Canberra.

In 1869 he travelled overland to Western Australia and established a Brewery at Albany.

In 1872 he went to Perth to take over the Stanley Brewery from the Hamersley Estate, in partnership with Ferguson, Mumme & Ferguson, then formed Swan Brewery Co, with Mumme as manager. When the partnership dissolved after 14 years, Mumme once more floated the Stanley Brewery Co to resume lease of the property. He began operation 1/1/1875.
In May 1876 William Mumme and three others formed what was to become "The Royal Perth Yacht Club." See the related story on The Auld Mug.

William Mumme did not marry.

The following was found in book of Hotels & publicans of South Australia:

Oxford Hotel- 101 O'Connell St North Adelaide (town acre 864) existed 1859-1984, known as Princess Royal 1859-1884, and Oxford Hotel 1885-1984.
National Trust classified list (item no 1212)
2nd licensee G. Ferguson 1860
3rd licensee F.W. Mumme 1860-1862

William died in 1921 in Western Australia and is buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia.

1) The above information is from research into the Mumme family name by Glenda Mumme- Australia - Dec 6, 2000.
2) Additional information on The Auld Cup was supplied by Fay Mumme - Dec 15, 2000.