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Welcome to my New Zealand Genealogy web site.

My genealogy project started in December 2001 when I began collecting family history information on my family and my wife’s family (Chris Korte and Katherine Wallace).  Since starting, I have added information collected by others on the wider families to my database (see Sources) – my acknowledgement of their efforts.  The project has three web components for reporting results of research:

  1. A Family Tree database that can be viewed on Rootsweb WorldConnect.
  2. This web site to supplement genealogy information shown on Rootsweb.
  3. Blog posts

This page shows the most recent updates to the family tree, this web site and the blog.

Family Tree

A copy of the family tree information I have collected can be viewed on Rootsweb WorldConnect. Most of the people in my Rootsweb WorldConnect Database lived in New Zealand.  People born since 1930 are listed as “Living” for privacy on Rootsweb. I have not listed sources on RootsWeb. I am happy to provide further information if requested (see Contact).

space WorldConnect on RootsWeb space
Chris Korte's WorldConnect Tree

Please contact me if you find errors, want something removed, or can provide further information. I have a form for family members to submit additional information and corrections by email. You can see some of the on-line resources I use for my genealogy research on the Links page.

This Site

The About page outlines how this website is organisted to assist readers understand what is here and where to look. A brief overview of content is included, which can also be seen on the Site map page or menu.

Blog Posts

In 2010 I began a blog to provide brief posts on my research. Click on a topic to read more.

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Visitor comments are encouraged and can be provided by email (so they remain private), by adding to the guestbook page (other visitors can see), and adding to the Comments section on some pages (other visitors can see). Visitor comments are moderated.

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