About my project

Welcome to my OLD New Zealand Genealogy web site.

This website has been closed and the information tansfered to a new website - https://cknzgp.net/index.php

The GEDCOM file on Rootsweb is no longer updated (last update 24 June 2017). The most recent version of my genealogy research is available on my new website. Changes and additions to my research can be seen on this webpage.

The new website requires a login to see all information - details of living people, photos, headstones, documents and sources. Membership is FREE.

Family Tree

A copy of the family tree information I have collected can be viewed on my new website. Most of the people in my Database lived in New Zealand. 

Most Recent Blog Posts

In 2010 I began a blog to provide brief posts on my research. Click on a topic to read more.

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