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This page has photos of Christopher Korte (1848-1905), his second wife Frederika and their daugher Freida. The photo below the portrait of Christopher might be his first wife Mary.

Photo of Christopher Korte

Christopher Korte
Source - a large portrait held by Robert Korte, Gisborne and another copy from Hugh Drougemuller, Canada

Photo of first wife

First wife - Mary Korte ?
The portrait may be of second wife Frederika, based on likeness to other photos on this page, but others believe could be the first wife.
Source - From a large unlabeled portrait held by Robert Korte (Gisborne) and another copy from Hugh Drougemuller (Canada).

Photo of second wife

Second wife - Friederika Korte
Source - Trudy May, Hamilton


Photo of Chris Korte and youngest daughter

Christopher Korte and youngest daughter Freida
Source - Trudy May, Hamilton

Photo of Chris Korte and second family

Christopher Korte, second wife Frederika, and their daughter Freida
Source - Marie Korte, Hamilton

Chris Korte and Cockatoo

Christopher Korte with his talking and swearing cockatoo "Cocky"
Source - Trudy May, Hamilton.

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