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       Joe & Anna (Hansen) Kuper

                   ( 1885 - 1955 )





Joseph James Kuper  (I think it was John Joseph *father *... see Sprenger history
link below) was born 9 Apr., 1883, on the family northeast of Orient,
Faulk County, South Dakota to Abehard (Ebehard?) and Agnes Sprenger
Kuper  who had come to America from Germany and settled in Wisconsin
before coming west  to Dakota Territory. Joe died in 1977, at the Good
Samaritan Nursing Home in Miller and is buried  at  Faulkton Cemetery. 

Anna Caroline Hansen (see link below) was born 9 Dec.1885 in
Wisconsin to Christopher (5'6") and Ingaborg (4'11")  Iverson  Hansen.
The Hansens, from Norway, settled in Wisconsin for 3 years before moving 
near Orient, Faulk County, Dakota Territory. The Hansens were parents of
the first child born in Faulk County ( Elizabeth ). Anna died in June of 1955,
at Faulkton of complications from diabetes.

Anna had homesteaded northwest of Miller, Hand County, and was in the
process of building her own home when Joe met her. They were married
 Nov. 11, 1912 at the Hansen homestead nine miles west of Orient. She
brought to the family her daughter, Ethel Elizabeth, (b. Apr. 22, 1911).
He helped her build the home they were to live in for the next few years,
supplementing their income by digging water wells for their neighbors
using horse-drawn power to rotate the drill. After selling the homestead
they bought a farm west of Orient, selling in 1920 and moving to a farm
south of Burkmere (no longer in existence.)  This farm was sold and the
family moved 14 miles southwest of Faulkton. The next move was to
south of Seneca where they lived for four years before moving for the
last time to a farm 30 miles north of Highmore, Hyde County, SD.

Anna was to learn at the age of 40 that she had diabetes. She had
spilled hot rhubarb on her foot and it refused to heal. They retired from
farming in the spring of 1948, when they sold their farm and moved in to
Orient. That fall fire swept through Hollobird, Highmore and to Lebanon,
destroying everything in its path including their last farm. The Kupers had
purchased an acreage in Rockham in 1947. Her illness had progressed to
the point of blindness and she was admitted to the Good Samaritan Nursing
Home in Faulkton. Before her passing on 18 June 1955, she was to know
the heartache of losing a leg to her disease.

( Of interest, in speaking with Alice, Anna's youngest child,  remembers when her
   mother was dying.  Alice had gone to the hospital to visit.  Anna was out of
   consciousness but mumbling and speaking understandable words.  As Alice
   remembers her mother's words:  " Jesus please help me.  I can't climb the steps."
   A short silence then........"Thank you Jesus."  Then she died.  Alice says "I know
   mother is in heaven."  It gives me, John renewed hope in faith that there is a life
   after death.)

At the age of 85, Joe, fearing the ravages of old age decided to hire a live
-in companion to be with him until his final days. The companion died,
leaving Joe alone once again. Undaunted, he simply hired another
companion who also died. He then decided not to hire another companion
because, as he said, he would "just get attached to him and he will
probably die, too."

    His faithful dog aroused him one morning as the house was burning and
the twosome escaped through a window as the house burned to the
ground. He drove to Pierre and purchased himself a small trailer and set it
up on the acreage he had purchased in 1947.

    At the age of 89, he was still able to dance a jig, had all but one of his
own teeth and stood straight as an arrow. His skin was as brown and
tough as the leather of a football. At age 91, Joe was admitted to the
Prairie Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Miller, although, not exactly willingly,
but of necessity. He continued to live there for the next three years, passing
away on 6 Nov. 1977.

    Joe and Anna are buried in the Faulkton Cemetery.

        Children of Anna & Joe

1.  Ethel

2.  Lewis   

3.  Clarence

4.  Josephine

5.  Harold

6.  Alfred

7.  Edna

8.  Alice

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Barbara Speck made webpages on Anna's children.  Above, I already linked Alice's, Harold's and Clarence's to Barbara's.  The others listed I made my own.  However for Barbara's link to Ethel, Lewis, Josephine, Alfred's and Edna's click on their names for more data. 


                                                                        Margaret Gross & Anna Hansen
                                  ( Margaret was Josephine Hansen's sister-in-law, being Frank Gross's sister from the Orient area )  
                                                                                                        circa 1910-1911

As explained to me by Barbara Speck, this is either a 'cook' or 'sleeping' wagon for the farmhands in the field.  The women would cook out in the field in the 'cook' wagon and the men would sleep for 3-4 days out in the field in another 'sleeping' wagon.
(1919)  Anna's two brothers Ham & Ted. 


Family photo taken circa 1940. 
Back: Otto, Helmer, Halbert, Ida, Anna, John, Karl, Ted
Sitting:  Ingeborg and Christ




                                                     Children of Joe and Anna Kuper
                                    Left - right: Alice Hippens, Edna Iverson, Harold Kuper
                                                Josephine Speck, Clarence Kuper, Ethel Hall

                                        Taken ca 1995 in Edna Iverson's home in Ree Heights 

           Descendents of Anna and Joe Kuper
     ( Link to Kupers of Hand Co. website )

The most interesting events for me on doing this website are meeting and learning about family members.  I have discovered we have a professional photographer in our family.  She is Jill Fleming, daughter to Mavis, daughter to Clarence Kuper.  I think her work is great.  Check out her website and perhaps if you need some photography done, you will think of her work.