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                          Ida (Eda) Hansen

       ( Nov. 27th, 1887 - 1 Jan., 1888 )


 The following is from the autobiography of Ida, the sister
to Eda.  These thoughts are how she remembered them.  

"In August “Ida” (Eda) took sick and passed away.  There was no doctor, minister, church or
cemetery.  Dad made the casket and with a neighbor family they buried her near the sod house in her baptismal dress.  She was moved and placed under our trees near the present house nineteen years later. (1907)"

( Note:  Christ Hansen's bible states Eda was born 27 Nov., 1887 & died 1 Jan., 1888.  So Ida's
memory of an August illness is wrong. I verified it by seeing the bible.)

        This is Christ's handwriting in Norwegian.  Cut out from the Hansen Bible.

"Dad recorded that their second daughter had died and her name was Ida.  Malinda, Jack's wife
insists her real name was Eda, but Dad's record has it Ida without a second name." 

Lester Hansen says that he was told she died of constant diarrhea.  It would make sense in that a newborn in 1887 could not survive with the basic care given in those days.  Even with feeding the diarrhea lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance leading to her fragile body's shutdown. 

"They even put it on her tombstone as she is buried on Dad's homestead.  She was buried by the
sod house.  When he got a house, he put it there where he dug a well.  He dug the baby up and
moved it near his house.  I remember when he opened up the casket.  The body just dropped
down.  Wish I never saw it.

Virgil and Mildred had mass said for Ida Hansen here in Faulkton.  I had so many calls to find
out who she was.  They were all surprised when I told them she was my sister."

Note:  Robert Hansen, son of Halbert Hansen made and installed the gravestone.  Name imprints made out of marble in concrete.  Later, Lester Hansen, son of John Hansen put up the metal barrier around the grave.  Also, the dates are incorrect.  From the Hansen bible, Ida (Eda) was born 27 Nov., 1887 and died 1 Jan., 1888; not 1889 as stated on gravestone. 

She lies there all alone now.  The homestead has been abandoned, though the land farmed by Lee Hansen, son of Lester.  One wonders if perhaps someday her body may lay beside the rest of her family in the Faulkton Cemetery.