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                     Farm life       

These are a collection of photographs of life on the farm during the 20s and 30s. 

 Ted in field                                        Hansen boys in field                                 Barn                                          steam tractor

         Using horses                            haystack wagons                              rolling hay up the mountain               Ham-machinery-onlookers


 Moving Hay                                   Boys and Buggies            Hansen Thrashing Crew                  Ted on haymower

                                                                     Thrashing Crew Members
                       L to R:  Harold Kuper, Joe Kuper, Leslie Hansen, Lewis Kuper, Jack Hansen, Otto (Slim) Hansen, Alfred Kuper, ????
                                           Front Row:  Ed Speck, Clarence Kuper, Christ Hansen


   Ted                                                                  Ham                                                         Ham                                       Otto


Herman Martin Bill                                      Ted trees west                                  Ted & mule                                                      Fixin wagon @
Eschenbaum-Hansen                                Hansen house                                                                                                                         Eschenbaum farm

 Hansen auto                                      Ingeborg-1915 Ford                                     Otto                                                      Barn & hay

Hansen farm 1920's                Aunt Mary & Ingeborg

Interestingly, there are many photos during this time on the Hansen farm.  I was told that the "Hansen Boys" were amateur photographers and even had a dark room in
the house.  Thus, unusual for the times, we have many photos of their life on the farm, working and enjoying the day.  It is great to have these photographs giving us,
their descendents a more personal view of the past.