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The Hansen Homestead became vacant after Otto ( Slim) died in 1980.  Farming in South Dakota generally is going to larger farms with fewer smaller farms as yesteryear.  Though 11 quarters is large for Faulk Co.  Lester Hansen does own a farm next to the homestead and has more modern facilities then the Hansen brothers; especially after they aged, the buildings serviced but not efficiently. 

I went out to the homestead in November of 2006 and took these photographs.  My purpose was to take photos of Eda's grave.  While there I almost wished I did not have to, seeing this grand ole farm which held the dreams of a young immigrant couple, raising their family and a potential future of greatness.  Alas, that is not how life goes.  However, the farm did it's job honorably.  It raised a family, great memories were made and as day turns to night, it's life must change.  The land remains in the Hansen family through Lester and his son Lee.  The land continues to be tilled and harvested.  The heart of the farm has moved a bit further to the west to Lester Hansen's buildings and farmyard. 

 A cold brisk day, the house is now gone.  It was between the old shed on the left and the pole.  You can see the rubble between where the basement was located.  The farm buildings had been vacate for 24 years.  Vagrants broke in and smashed up things in the house plus raccoons entered and really made a mess.  Lester was concerned for liability and felt a disaster was waiting to happen.  So, he voluntarily set the house on fire and let it burn to the ground.  It was a dry old building and must have been quite a burn!  The remainder of the debris was pushed into the basement hole. 

The Hansen home in it's prime, circa 1928.

Barn & granary      Eda's grave looking east;  notice windmill and then look at.........Christ walking.  This must have been in the early 40's as he died in 1942.  The patriarch was still putting in his days of work. 

Hansen farm from south roadside     Facing John Eschenbaum farm       Hansen farm from highest point west of Mississippi
Old entrance from south, now west       2-3 miles from Hansens where
                                                                 Bill Eschenbaum grew up. 

Ted on south side of house                    Ham on south side of house.....
Closed in porch was built by the boys closing in the open porch seen on many of the older

               Probably the last Hansen reunion on the homestead taken in 1997.

Halbert's                        Anna's    (click for group ID's)

Melvin & Clara Eschenbaum      Virgil Hansen, Millie,     Ethel Porter holding sign
Ken & son James Eschenbaum    children & siblings        Others too numerous, 2 sisters are
                                                                                             in the photo

     John's                                                Melvin & Ken                            Josephine, Ethel, Alice
Leslie, Loretta & Lester's                   standing east side of house

                       Melvin & Ken reminiscing at the reunion.  Bet they had a lot of
                    memories!  Two brothers growing up as twins, only 11 months apart.


                                                            Aerial View of Hansen farm  1958