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           Halbert R. Hansen
( 1891-1967 )


    ( Halbert with brother John in front)


"Under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy stands". Just as this wonderful poem depicts the village blacksmith, Orient, too, had their own village blacksmith. His name was Halbert R. Hansen, and he operated his blacksmith shop from the early 1920's until his retirement in 1965.
     As with all early shops, exciting times and memorable experiences were produced. Huge horses were brought in to have their hoofs trimmed and shoed. Plow lays were hammered to a cutting edge, the ringing of the hammer against the anvil could be heard in the very early morning and continued to late evening, the smell of burning wood as iron bands were seated on the wooden wagon wheels, and the heated iron brought to near melting point to be shaped or molded into a workable farm tool. These were the sounds and sights of the very early blacksmith shop.
   Halbert the blacksmith,  as he was known in this community, was the oldest son of Christ and Ingeborg (Iverson) Hansen. The Christ Hansen's immigrated from Norway in the 1880's and were early pioneers of southwestern Faulk County. Halbert served in the U.S. Army during World War I and was a charter member of the Rolland Egger American Legion Post No. 178 of Orient. S.D. of which he served as elected commander.

   On Dec. 22, 1925, he married Leah Downing. Their marriage license lists Tennis, S.D. as Halbert's mailing address.
    Leah Downing, born July 2, 1907, was the oldest daughter of the late Fred and Mary Downing. The Fred Downings were long time residents of the Orient community. The Halbert Hansen's lived their entire married life in Orient operating the Orient blacksmith shop.  Halbert succumbed from a heart attack. 

    Halbert (1891-1967) and Leah ( 1907-1987) had five children:
        1. Robert, born March 4, 1928. He resides in Orient. Robert served in the U.S. Army
             during the Korean War. He is an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting, fishing
             and trapping. Bob is a professional trapper and carpenter.
        2. Virgil, born Jan. 26, 1929, also resides in Orient. He has been a career teacher in
            the Orient and Faulkton High Schools & was the business manager of
            the Faulkton School District.  Now retired living in Orient. 
        3. Lavilla born Aug. 3, 1930  Living on the farm she and Lyle own west of Rockham, SD.
        4. Phyllis, born April 11, 1933.  Living now in Redfield, SD.
        5. Karen, born Feb. 14, 1948.  Soon to retire with her husband Claude, living in the Black Hills area of So. Dak.

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                                                          Halbert and Leah's family circa 1968
                      Back:  Robert, Lavilla & Virgil.  Front:  Phyllis, Leah, Halbert & Karen

                                                                           Leah & Halbert


                                                  40th Wedding Anniversary

            Halbert and Leah are buried in the Prairie View Cemetery south of Orient, So. Dak.    



                                      Family reunion without "Albert."  L to row... Virgil, Millie, Robert, Phyllis, Dale, Lavilla & Lyle.

                                                                 Front row.  Rick, Bill, Marlis...sitting is Leah.  Then Bruce and Janice. 

      Halbert's Family   July,  2006
                                         Back:   Karen,  Lavilla & Phyllis   Front:  Virgil and Bob