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                            Hansen Outlaws


      Mr. & Mrs. Iver Hansen, Lesa & Olava

     These are mother's parents and two youngest sisters, Mr. & Mrs. Iver Hansen, Lesa and Olava.  (Note: see where  Elizabeth Hansen got her name?)   Also...note: Mother's name was Ingeborg Iverson as in Norway the children's sur names were always used by their father's first name and added son or sen.  So Iver-son or daughter.  Some used the name of the farm where they were placed to work.  For instance, Father used the the farm name "Vaar" for a number of years, but when he changed to Hansen I never heard.  Some kept their "farm" name thru life.  Well, one nice way to eliminate un-wanted relatives very easily!!



                        Hans & Anna Marie Melsby

 This is mother's sister Anna Marie Melsby of Red Top,  Minnesota.  Notice the picture has "Faulkton Dakota."  This was taken after the Dakota Territory was split to North and South Dakota.  I presume that Mr. Keithly had those mountings on hands, so he used them.  Nothing was wasted in those days. 

The below information I received from the folks in Norway through the Hadeland Lag organization, an organization dedicated
to the discovery of descendents from Hadeland area of Norway. 

       Hans Jorgen Oliver Melsby was born in May, 1858 in Norway and died 1 Feb 1935 in Aitkin County .   He married Anna M Iversen in 1888.  Hans Jorgen
had left Norway in 1866.  Anna died 14 Nov 1941 in Aitkin County .  They are buried in Holden Cemetery in Aitkin County , MN .

They had 8 children the oldest was born in Dakota Territory the rest in Minnesota

Martha A born 2 July 1889 died 14 April 1971 she was married to Anfind Berdahl

Ole Julius born 16 Oct 1890 died Aug, 1976 he married Cora Watson

Albert Ingeman born 20 August 1893 died 23 Dec 1962 he married Edna ?

Helmer Ervin born 19 Jan 1896 died 8 April 1987 he married Cora Scherer

Julia A born 30 July 1900 died 5 Sep 1964 she was married to Emerson Wilson

Agnes Julia born 30 July 1900 3 May 1971 she was married to Albert Ringulet

Jonetta  A. born 16 July 1904 died 4 April 1988 she was married to ? Bahls

William Herman born 7 Jan 1907 died 8 Jan 1936 he never married







                                                           Anna Mary

Note:  These photos and text were taken from Ida (Hansen) Eschenbaum's autobiography.  She was in her 80's when writing these notes and sometimes it is hard to follow.  One must have some knowledge of the family I suppose.  This photo was on the next page.  She calls her Anna Mary...but refers to her with the below photo of Mary Price.  So, it seems these are two photos of the same woman. 

"  This is Father's sister Anna Mary and husband taken by Chr. Kjelland, Kristiania, Norway.  This is her first husband which accompanied her to America.  She outlived three husbands having eight children which died at childbirth, one lived an hour, so life wasn't very pleasant for her. 

    They homesteaded near my folks.  When he passed away she left for Minneapolis where she lived till her second husband passed away.  When she married again they moved to Aberdeen where they lived where he passed away.  For a number of years she lived in Roscoe, So. Dak. till she went to a home. 



                             Hans and Mary Price

My father's sister Mary & Hans Price when they lived in Chicago, later moving to Aberdeen, So. Dak.



                        Ingwald C. Melsby -  91 years old
Uncle to the Hansen children
                         I suspect he is a brother to Hans Jorgen Melsby. 



This is Ingwald's log cabin under beautiful trees.  Ida writes she was here in 1932 with Ole Lelean Melsby her cousin. 



                   Ingwald Melsby and log cabin with nephew and niece Ole Melsby and sister Martha Birdahl