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                               Hagenlock Sisters

Myron, Esther, Vicki, Linda, Kay & Myra  ( circa 1970's)
                 The Eschenbaum family's California girls..............

                    Kay, Myron.....................and Johnnie and Melvin..... circa  1947

                                        Myron, Kay & Esther

                                           Myra, Linda & Kay   (circa early 50's)

                        Taken same date as above...with Myron and Esther

                           Myra                                                                 Vicki

                  Back:  Myron, Vicki & Esther;  Front....educated guess here!  Myra, Kay
                      & Linda    ( Circa late 1950's)

                                               First Communion for Vicki  ( Early 1960's )

                          Vicki, Esther and Myron on a visit to South Dakota about 1964.  I have movies of this event.  The other girls were older and did not come out to South Dakota.  Alas, I have no further photos of my cousins from this time forward.  I did visit as I wrote in other places visiting Myron and Esther in 1994-95.  I met Kay, Linda and Myra but did not take any photographs.  Further updates will be dependent on them contributing.