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                              Ida's Photo Album

Ida circa 1918             Ida                     Bill & dog                 Bill & dog             Bill & brother Herman

Comm.  Back Kathy    Dale, Kathy, John   Mel, Bill, Ken      Bill & sister-in-law     Esther, Marj, Evelyn
Dale & John front row                                   Rolland                 Malinda Hansen     Ken & Mel-circa 1929

Ida, Bill & grandbabies    Ida & Bill                     Bill & Ida         Jim, Bill, Diane, Ida Diane, Larry   Mel, Rolland, Ida
                                                                                                        Dale  & Daniel circa 1954

Bill & Ida                         Ida circa '30's         Ida & Mel 1917          Ida's Farmhome               Ida circa 1965
                                    (house burned down                                       circa early '50's
                                       circa 1949)

Nels Hansen, Mary      Mel, Vernon, Marj    L-R  Rosie, Bill, Evelyn,Ken      Ken, Mel, Esther       Back: Delynn, Arnold, Larry
Robert Dienslake                 & Evelyn              Dorothy, Mel, Mary, William    Ida, Marj, Evelyn,  Kathy, Marlene, Jim, Dale, John
                                                                       Marj, Vernon, Delmar                & Rolland                Virginia, Richard, Jane, Daniel

Marj, Bill, Ida,Eliz,          Larry, Arnold, Jim          Evelyn, Mel, Esther          1st Comm.                   Myron, Mary, Vernon
Jack Hansen, ? , Malinda  Kathy, Delynn, Marlene         & Ken                                                           & Ida
Evelyn, Mel, Esther, Ken       John & Dale
   circa 1928                               circa 1949

Evelyn, Esther, Marj    Evelyn, Esther, Marj    Evelyn, Mel, Esther      Marj, Rosie, Mary     Dorothy, Evelyn, Rosie
 Circa '30-40's               Circa 1965               Rolland, Marj                 Evelyn, ???                   & Mary
                                                                           Circa 1963                 

Ida, Mel, Esther,        John, Dale, Gary      Ken-Delmar-Mel       top: Esther-Evelyn       school days...            Ida-Elizabeth
Bill, Marj, Ken, Evelyn      Wescott                Circa 1939                     Ken & Mel              Names on photo       circa-1920's
  circa 1963

The photo on left is dated 1926 with Ida holding a baby.  The date is wrong or Ida is holding someone else's baby as she did not
have any baby in 1926.  Other photos are of Ida during the years from 1926-1956.  The third photo shows a portion of their home
burning down aro
und 1949.  The 5th photo is the best photo of Ida in front of the two homes on their farm.  The one on the left is now a lake cabin by Lake Faulkton.  Better photos in this collection below.  The house on the right was the one Rolland Eschenbaum moved to Faulkton as his home.  Next photo is of Ida and William circa 1940's.  Last photo is of the Eschenbaum group including Grandpa Eschenbaum's brothers on the porch of the house that burned.  Sadly there are only about 4 folks
surviving today from that shot taken before 1949. 

  Mel & Ida                     Delynn-Larry-Arnold            Ida-Hagenlock               Ida-1973                                   Ida-1980
  circa-'40's                      James-Marlene-John           girl???- '50's                                                           (front of her apartment)



Billie on bike              Mel-Bill-Ken             Bill & horse                 farmhouse on               Bill & Rosie   Ida & Helen Eschenbaum
                                     circa '70's                circa '40's                 Ida's farm early '50's        late 40's          wife of Herman
                                                                                                  House offered to Billie
                                                                                                  when moved into Faulkton

Billie age circa 17        Rosie  1950                  Dan, Judy, Virginia, John   William, Ken,             Ken, Diane, Dan, Bill
                                                                               & Jeff circa 1961            Bill, Jim & Larry               Virginia, Rosie
                                                                                                                         Circa 1946                        circa 1960's

4 gen, Mel, Judy           Jane & John '52            Jane & Judy ' 55                   Jane X-mass '54            Judy, Jane, Jeff '62
     Ida & Nicole

John 1949-50            Judy, Mary, Jane                 Melvin & Ida                 John, Judy, Jeff                    Jane, Ida, John, William,
                                    circa 1955                            1917                         Mt. Rushmore Native                  Judy, circa 1955
                                                                                                                 American & Jane
      ( The photo of the Native American at Mt. Rushmore was taken in 1960 when the Melvin Eschenbaum family took that rare vacation.    Any tourist during that time may remember this famous individual who was there for photo ops.

X-Mass in front right    Thomas Scott (Jane's)     Nicole ( Judy's daughter)
is Ted...Mel on left circa '62              X-mass 1968                          Circa 1974

   Two photos on far right were taken of Ida in middle 80's in her apartment.  Notice the pillow behind her head, which
is of her father Christ.  I suspect that photo was taken of the formal photo on the home page of this website.  That pillow
was given to Melvin and now possessed by Janelle Davis, Ida's great-granddaughter. 


 Mel-Clara                Ken-Dorothy        Evelyn-Delmar       Esther-Myron            Marjorie-Vernon         Rolland-Rosie
                                                       (All photos taken in 1972 )

Frosty morning                 Overview of farm                 House painting bee       Ida & Jack 1982
                                                                                                                               Last Survivors


Many old farmhouses end up slowly falling down, torn down or burned down.  The Eschenbaum family home like a phoenix survived to live again.  It was purchased and moved to the eastside of Faulkton Lake and now used as a lake home.  It is maintained and breathes new life.  These photos were taken in May of 2007.