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                              "Memories of Bill are Many"

Left to right.....1)  Bill and a young girl  2)  Bill on a bicycle 3)  Bill with Mary Bauhs, Mel's future wife
4)  Bill with brother Ken and sons Richard, Jim (???)  and father William.?? or a Staufer. 

 1) Bill riding his horse  2)  Bill & Arnold   3)  Bill & Rosie   4)  Bill age 17

1) Bill's wedding party  2) Bill & Rosie  3)  Rosie the bride 4) Bill & Larry

1) Crazy Days in Faulkton: Rosie, Bill, Ken, Mary 2)  Rosie, Bill, Ken, Mary, 3) Ken, Melvin, Esther, Ida, Marjorie, Evelyn & Bill.  4)  Evelyn, Mel, Esther, Bill, Marjorie

I think this is my most favorite of Bill.  This demonstrates his immense humor and congeniality, I most remember his laugh, his just plain sense of enjoying life.  Mel, Bill and Ken.  

William & Ida purchased a second house for the farm.  I think it was because "Bill" was going to farm with his Dad and they needed a house.   This was the house that was moved in.  Where it came from, I have no idea.  I should ask Aunt Rosie.  After William died in 1956 Ken and Bill continued farming until it was decided to sell the farm.  Ida offered the house to Bill for moving into town, which he did.  Somewhere there is a photo of his upgrade while in Faulkton.  I should keep my eye out for it.