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           Marjorie Eschenbaum Bellack


                          Marjorie and Vernon Bellack ( 1970's )

Vernon Bellack, son of Frank and Clara Bellack, was born January 21, 1918 at Salem, South Dakota.  He received his grade school education after his parents moved to Faulk County in a country school. 

Marjorie Eschenbaum, daughter of William and Ida (Hansen) was born in Faulkton, South Dakota on April 4th, 1924.  She received her grade school education at the Taylor School in Faulk County.      
                   Marj in front of the home she grew up in.  Burned circa 1949

Vernon and Marjorie were married February 27, 1943 in Faulkton.  Vernon was stationed in North Carolina at Camp McCall.  He was in the 135th quartermaster trucking division.  After his discharge they lived in Burkmere, So. Dak. Where Vernon operated the elevator.

 In 1949, they moved to Section 19 in Elroy Township operating a farm.  In 1967, they moved to Seneca where Vernon commuted to Faulkton where he worked for Bachmayer Lumbar Company.  In 1969, they moved their house to Faulkton where they resided .  Marjorie died Jan. 15th,  1988.  She struggled most of her life with arthritis and intestinal disorders but always handled it with grace and strength.  Marjorie is buried in the Faulkton cemetery.  Vernon died on December 21, 2006 and will lie beside Marjorie.



Arnold was born January 19th, 1944 in North Carolina.  He graduated from Faulkton High School and later Hansen Body School in Fargo, North Dakota.  In 1966 He married Sherry Buum of Aberdeen.  They have 3 children:  Scott, Kristi and Julie. At present they live in Okalahoma where Arnold has retired from his Eaton Company position working there for many years. 


Marlene was born Dec. 7th, 1946 in Faulkton, So. Dak.  She graduated from Faulkton High School and later Stewart’s Beauty School in Aberdeen.  Marlene married Virgil Metzinger of Ipswich on March 23rd of 1968.  they have one son, Robert.  Robert was in the Marines and after his discharge lives in North Carolina.  Virgil worked as a farmhand at various locations in the Dakotas.   He is now retired.   Presently (2006) they are living in Ipswich, So. Dak.  Marlene works for South Dakota Agricultural Statistics on a part-time basis.

  Marj at a happy time with sister-in-laws...Bellacks on the outside...Mary Eschenbaum to left.  Taken by Missouri River banks before Oahe Damn flooded it's banks. 

                                    Marj & Vernon's 25th Wedding Anniversary


                                                Vernon and Marj during a happy time