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                             Esther Eschenbaum Hagenlock
                 ( 1922 - 2002 )




       Myron & Esther Hagenlock   (1992)


                       Eschenbaum-Hagenlock   Sept. 15, 1942   (Marriage Vows)


Marriage vows were spoken by Miss Esther Lucille Eschenbaum and Cpl. Myron H. Hagenlock at an eight-thirty ceremony preformed by Rev. J.P. Coyne.  Tuesday morning at the Catholic parsonage.  Miss Marjorie Eschenbaum, sister of the bride and Donald Hagenlock, brother of the bridegroom were their attendants.  The bride wore a green and brown ensemble and her sister was in black and white.  The bridegroom was in uniform.                          

                                              Esther & Myron ( 1942 )

 A wedding dinner for the immediate families of the young couple and Vernon Bellack, a close friend of the bridegroom, was held at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr.  & Mrs. Wm. Eschenbaum.  Table decorations were carried out in a pink and white color scheme, and a wedding cake, topped by a miniature bride and groom centered the table. 

 The newlyweds plan to leave Saturday for Camp Picket, VA.  Clp. Hagenlock, who has formerly been stationed at Delmar, NC. Is home on furlough and has been transferred to the new location.

 The bride is the second daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Eschenbaum.

Esther home from North Carolina

 She has been employed the past year; as Sunshine Café.  The bridegroom is the eldest son of Mr.  & Mrs. Wm Hagenlock of Seneca.  He enlisted in the US Army about a year and a half ago. 

 They  lived in El Sobrante, California.  Myron was a salesman at Oakland, Calif., in the Sears Roebuck garage.  He is now retired and remains in the house he and Esther shared.  Esther was cremated and lies at Rolling Hills, Richmond, California.

 Myron ( Get any grief for that mustache?)              Esther
                                           Circa 1970's

 They have four daughters, Kay, Linda, and Myra which were born at the Hoven Hospital, Hoven South Dakota.  And Vickie, who was born in Richmond, Calif. Where they lived several years till they moved to El Sobranti in the year of 1956.  December.  I (Ida) was there at the time and took care of the girls when they moved. 

  Esther & Myron 1970's

" I had always wondered about my west coast relatives.  In 1994 during my last years in the Navy Reserves I was stationed at Oakland Naval Hospital for my reserve duty.  I took advantage of that time and visited with Esther and Myron enjoying each minute.  We spoke of things in South Dakota, went out to eat and met my cousins except for Vicki.   I fortunately went to Oakland a 2 years in a row, so was able to develop some sort of memories of them other then from their vacations back home.  Esther was interested in all and any news  sitting on the edge of her chair smiling, listening and asking questions.  I had brought my family films taken throughout the years which she watched glued to the screen.  I made a copy for her which she said she loved.  I had taped Grandma speaking of her memories of her kids.  When she said "Esther was the rebellious one!" there was this look on Esther's face....and she sat back and said..... "what did she say?"  Then she smiled. 

The last time I visited with Esther she was weak from her heart condition having had a couple of bypasses.  She spent most of the time resting in her bed with Myron watching over her.   I was very happy to have had the time with her and smile when I think of her."

                                 Nephew of Esther...... John Melvin Eschenbaum


       Ida, Rolland, Evelyn, Ken, Melvin, Esther, Marjorie and William
                                        ( Taken circa 1944)