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            Rolland "Bill" William Eschenbaum
( Dec. 7th,  1929 - Oct. 6th,   1981 )



Rolland “Bill” Eschenbaum (son of William Eschenbaum and Ida (Hanson) Eschenbaum) was born in 1929.
He met Rosella Pfeiffer at a dance and was married in 1950. They had two children, Daniel and Virginia “Ginny”. He lived and worked on the family farm 16 miles west of Faulkton until 1956 when he had to move into Faulkton due to poor health.
Being very knowledgeable in mechanics and woodworking, he became a mechanic. So often you would find him with his head under the hood of a car or a hammer in his hand when he had spare time. Bill kept working under the pressure of poor health until 1979 when he had a kidney transplant. His health steadily got worse. In 1981 he lost his long battle. The chain was broken, but as time goes on the chain will link together again.
Memories of Bill were many. He loved dancing, family vacations, camping out, playing horseshoes and cards. He was quite a cutup at family functions. Bill was a kind and thoughtful person. When someone needed help, he was there. He was a good mechanic and carpenter. He had a heart of gold and was an idolized husband and father. Most of all, his family and grandchildren were the love of his life.

  Bill with his nephew Arnold
Bellack in early 40's

Virginia “Ginny” Eschenbaum (daughter of Rolland “Bill” and Rosella “Rosie” Eschenbaum, granddaughter
of William and Ida (Hanson) Eschenbaum) was born in 1952 in Faulkton, South Dakota. Ginny graduated from Faulkton High School in 1971, and married Roger Vetter. We currently live in Selby, South Dakota. We have three sons, Chris, Mike, and Josh. Chris and Denise live in Selby and have two children. Mike and Doreen live in Philip, South Dakota and have one child. Josh and Kathy live in Selby, South Dakota and have three children.

I have many great memories of my childhood. Roadside hunting, Sunday card games, our yearly vacations, and Dad’s off the wall sense of humor are only a few of my many memories. Dad was a wonderful grandfather to our boys, and spoiled them every chance he got. Both of my parents taught me a great deal to prepare me for life. Dad taught me courage, but I could never be as strong as he was and face the ordeals he did. He was a remarkable man.

                  Wedding photo of Rolland & Rosella.....Pearl (Rosie's sister) Rosie, Bill and Vern ( Brother of Rosie)  Lester Eschenbaum was to be Bill's best man, but took ill suddenly that day.  Vern took over. 

Daniel Eschenbaum (son of Rolland “Bill” and Rosella “Rosie” Eschenbaum, grandson of William and Ida (Hanson) Eschenbaum) was born in 1950 in Faulkton. South Dakota. After living on the family farm for 5 years, we moved into Faulkton due to Dad’s health problems. I graduated from Faulkton High School in 1969. Knowing I wanted to be an accountant, I earned a Senior Accounting degree from the Aberdeen School of Commerce. Shortly after graduation, I spent 4 years in the US Air Force as a Communications Specialist. Knowing I still wanted to pursue a career in accounting, I attended Northern State College. It was here that I met my wife, Sandy. We were married in 1977 just before I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Management. After graduation we moved to Ada, Minnesota, where I was employee as the Office Manager and Accountant for Cenex. While working for Cenex we lived in Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington, Iowa, and finally Montana. In 2001, I left Cenex and began working for Gallatin County in Bozeman as their accountant where I am currently employed. Sandy works for the State of Montana with the Department of Labor.
As I reflect on the course of my life, I can’t help but think about all of the memories of my family and the respect and admiration I hold for my father. When Dad passed away I not only lost a father but a friend and a mentor. Although there were many days Dad was suffering because of his health problems, he always found the time and energy to show us his love and instill in us his strong moral beliefs, work ethic, positive attitude, and love of life. He was always standing on the sidelines cheering me on in football and wrestling. Because of his enthusiasm and talent for hunting, we anticipated and enjoyed our time together “walking the fields”. We spent many hours racing each other on our little Honda motorcycles. Because of Dad, I still enjoy hunting and riding motorcycle. My memories of my youth have shaped my life and I owe both of my parents a great deal for all of their sacrifices, love, and their belief in me.

  Photo of Bill doing some cooking circa 1946.  Rosie and I discussed
where this was taken as the kitchen is not recognized.  I am betting that this is in the Eschenbaum farmhouse that
burned down circa 1949.   I also bet that "one of the boys" as mentioned in the article was Bill. 

 Photo taken circa 1944 at the Hansen farm.  Many of the family members are here including Ida's children.  I will not list them all, but you can see Bill behind his grandmother Ingeborg just off her right shoulder. 


                                Bill is buried in the Faulkton Cemetery, Faulkton, South Dakota