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      Prairie is My Garden   


(Photos from Ida Hansen Eschenbaum's book)

        " I can remember so well all the beautiful flowers we had over the prairies when I was a child. I wish I knew the names of every different kind, but we just picked them by the arm full. Even after I was married, we had quite a few on our farm. I remember when Bill, coming home for dinner, used to pick a bouquet for me even if he did have to retain a five horse team to do so!

He knew I loved flowers and that idea in mind, I sure did appreciate them."


          Buffalo Chips     



"I don't know how we got along without those precious buffalo chips.  I do know I picked
 my share of the lowly cow chips when a child and also after I was married.  Especially
during the "dirty thirties" then my whole family collected them with a fork and loaded
them in a hay-rack.  We stored the chips in the granary as we did not have a crop. 
We weren't the only ones.  It was a good fire but lots of ashes to be hauled out." 

             Buffalo Bones 


" We just took this for granted when we were told those bones were from the
buffaloes.  The horns were so dried up they weren't anything to keep, all split from
the weather.  My brothers have a set that were polished up, purchased by my father. 
I wouldn't wonder but that they are at least as old as I am.  I know that those are
the real genuine buffalo horns.  There are so many plastic horns for sale now which
look almost real." (The link on the buffalo horns shows them hanging in their home. 
Lee Hansen has them now hanging in his home next to the Hansen homestead )

                 Country Store    


"When I entered this room, I was sure care back to the days of my childhood! With the
baby buggy, pot bellied stove, hard coal burner, spinning wheel, hand wash machine
wringer, school bell, wooden ox yoke, etc. I guess I never gave the guide a chance to
open his mouth till I went thru the room explaining to Ethel & Porter every item I
recognized. Then he asked if it was soon his turn, of course I apologized, but he good
naturally told me he is always so glad to have someone that really takes half that much
interest in his display. Some goes thru without a question or comment as if they don't
even hear; say nothing about even seeing anything unusual."