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                                                Relland Eschenbaum

                                                                                        ( 1929 )


Relland was the twin to Rolland "Bill" Eschenbaum.  He died about an hour after birth from unspecified complications.  From what Grandma spoke to me, it sounds as if his lungs were immature due to low surfactant which is necessary for lung expansion.  Many immature newborns die from this.  During my drives with Ida she would bring up losing this baby.  Grandma's mention of him and her obvious sense of loss was my only connection to him. 

From Ida's memoirs...  "We had seven children, the last two were twin boys.  The last one swallowed & inhaled too much mucus, so he lived an hour.  When Bill brought "Billie" and I home, I was pretty blue in loosing one.  Bill told me not to feel too bad, we only expected one and that one we are taking home to two brothers and three sisters.  A nurse asked if that was their first child because Bill was so concerned.  The other nurse that knew us said, "Heaven's no, they have five at home."  Bill was a wonderful man. 

I sometimes wondered why we lost him.  But when Billie had diabetes so bad, when he died when he was 51 years old after all the trouble he had I was almost glad that his twin brother died at birth. (It was tough)"

 He lies in rest in the Eschenbaum gravesite next to my father, Melvin.  Interestingly, in the family are the oldest and the youngest siblings laying side by side.