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John (Jack) Hansen

( 1894 - 1983 )

Malinda & Jack   (early 1930ís)


                           Jack & Malinda                                      Helmer ( Ham ) Jack & Malinda  circa 1930's

     Jack in the back, far right.  Helmer Hansen is 2nd from left in back row.  I am trying to identify the other members of this photo!  Anyone out there who can help?  This is probably a school photo from the Hansen farm school. 

                                           Jack & Christ Hansen enjoying a break

                                                                               Jack & Malinda Hansen Family
                                             Back: Loretta and Lester.  Front:  Malinda, Leslie & Jack.  circa 1946



                            Malinda, Lester, Loretta, Jack & Leslie  ( 1960-70's)
                                           45th Wedding Anniversary

John Hansen, son of Christ and Ingaborg (Iverson) Hansen, was born
April 2, 1894, in a sod house at the Faulk County, SD homestead of his
parents, on NW 'I. 31-117-70. He worked on the farm and drilled wells. He served in the U.S. Army during World War I. He was raised in the Lutheran faith.

Malinda Borcherding, was born at Wausa, Neb., on May 3,1905. At age eight months, she moved with her parents, Lewis and Martha Borcherding, to a farm near Miranda. In 1921, they moved to a farm near Highmore.

John and Malinda were married, March 25, 1926, at the Methodist parsonage in Faulkton. They settled on their own quarter near his parents. In 1946 they moved to a farm in #12 Township, NE 'I, 15-117-70. In 1953 they moved to Faulkton. They built their own home on the south edge of Faulkton in 1959.
    They had three children:
Leslie,  moved into Jack's Faulkton home summer of 2006
        2. Loretta of Faulkton.
        3. Lester,  of Faulkton.
    John died May 23, 1983, at Aberdeen and is buried in the Faulkton Cemetery.  Malinda passed away January 8, 2000.

                             Jack & Malinda's Descendants



                                             Malinda & John

                        Lester, Loretta, Leslie   (Hansen Reunion circa 1980's)


                                          John Hansen Gallery