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       Gena Josephine (Hansen)  Gross

               ( 7, Nov,1889 - June 26th, 1963 )


                     Josephine with brother Jack Hansen

Josephine married Frank Gross of Orient, South Dakota on 31 July,  1913. On why they
were in Montana, Lynn believes it's because at various times many of the Gross' were in Montana.
Frank and Josie homesteaded a small place on Birch Creek, between Valier and
Browning. John Gross and his new wife, Elizabeth, farmed in Western Montana. 
Sisters Helen and Irene worked for Great Northern in Whitefish offices. Older sister,
Rose, had married a GN conductor, Cub Smith, and was living in Whitefish. I think an
older brother, Ben, was in Montana somewhere, but I'm not sure where.


        Application for marriage license ( Click photo)                                          Josephine & Frank's marriage license  (Click photo to make larger.)

      Frank Gross on the far right.  The other two, so far as I, Lynn was ever told, were simply two workmates. They were working for the
      Great Northern Rail Road. For a short time, Frank was a fireman. I'm told he allowed the crown sheet to burn dry on one of the big steam
      locomotives and he was summarily dismissed. That was a dangerous circumstance, potentially leading to a steam loco to blow itself into bits
      of scrap metal.



                 (Eschenbaum girl, either Anna or )   Josephine Hansen on right  1910

             Josephine with her mother-in-law  Carrie David circa 1913-14.         



                          Josephine with son, Donald Gross



"Josie" mother Ingebord and sister Ida


This is Frank Gross on a horse I left it large to get the full effect.  Just click photo for that option.

                                                        Josie with her sister Ida (Hansen) Eschenbaum circa 1930's
                             This is a  letter written by Josephine to her brothers on her family farm.   It is undated,
 however from the topics it was after her parent's death and before Anna's in 1955.  Click to enlarge. 


 Frank, Irene & John Gross  (Brother & Baby Sister)


                                      Memories from Ida (Hansen) Eschenbaum's autobiography:

" Gena Josephine: born, I have no record what month or day; ( Note: date of birth above.  ) also no record of death except for the day, June 25th.  I know I was at her funeral.  She married Frank Gross and moved to Valier, Montana had two sons.  They were both instrument delivered her first dying at birth.  Her second son's name is William Donald Gross and was living in Big Fork, Montana. 

Joan Gross, a niece-in-law (married to Harry Gross, Frank's nephew )has Josephine dying in Valier and buried at Lakeview Cemetery there.  

Josephine's husband Frank had a stroke and was in bed for some time till he had another stroke.  I don't remember when.  Josephine had a stroke and lived in a nursing home till she had another stroke and passed away.  I don't remember what year."

                         Josephine in the kitchen,  this was in the old house in Valier, I'm  ( Lynn ) guessing around the
                    mid to late 1950s.  This house originally was located just up the road from our place, about half
                    way between Valier and Depuyer. After we came to NW Montana in 1954,  they moved Frank
                    and Josie into Valier proper. I think this was done not long after Frank had his stroke.


                                                  Josephine's                           ( Death Certificates)                                 Frank's




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