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Martin Hansen 

 ( April 4th, 1898 - May 11th, 1977 )



                        Martin lived on his father's farm all of his life.  He and his other brothers,  Ted, Slim and Ham maintained the homestead, built it up till their deaths.  After their father, Christ died;  Ted, Slim and Martin inherited the 5 quarters.  By their deaths the farm had grown to 11 quarters.  Ham had married and did not return until later. 

One of the brothers would always stay on the property no matter what was happening, funerals, weddings and holidays.  They were very protective of their holdings as thievery was an issue they did not want to handle.  I do not know what issue happened that made this a concern. 

Martin was the cook for the family.   I remember visiting one time at the homestead and sure enough, he was doing whatever in the kitchen.  

Martin was noted to be a loner in the family.  He also drilled wells in the area and money would burn in his pocket.  He had the storiesto tell and a granite memory to go with them.  He was very outspoken and "would tell it like it is" whether you liked it or not.  Made no difference to him. 

In the 1920's the family Fordson tractor tipped on him pinning him underneath.  He fractured the ball from the femur of his upper leg.  One can imagine living out far away from medical care and the time it took to reach it.  He was over 10-15 miles from any hospital, Faulkton being the closet.  His brother Jack had been also doing well drilling, and after his accident he took over.  Jack drilled for wells along with his son Leslie for years afterwards.

Martin needed crutches for a spell and walked with a limp the rest of his life.  Therefore, he became the homestead cook and kept up the daily needs of the home with his mother.  After her death he became the chief cook and "bottle washer."  ( I am always struck by how photos show the Hansen brothers with neat, almost pressed looking jeans or workpants.  I don't know if I mentioned it on Otto's page, but they would buy their pants long so they could use the extra cloth for patches when necessary. 

Slim - Martin - Ted - Ham   ( 1927 )

Martin in 1957

Martin in the 1960's doing his duties.