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         Otto (Slim) Hansen
                              ( 1900 - 1980 )


Slim lived on his father's farm all of his life.  He and his other brothers, Ted,
Martin and Ham maintained the homestead, built it up till their deaths. 
One of the brothers would always stay on the property no matter what was
happening, funerals, weddings and holidays.  They were very protective of their
holdings as thievery was an issue they did not want to handle. 

Slim and his brother Ted were like "Mutt and Jeff."  Always together going to
parties or family gatherings.  They were tough, Norwegian bachelors with the
free flow of cocktails and smokes.  They had a hearty laugh and enjoyed life.  
Though, they did miss the idea of having a family I suspect.  I,  John remember
them coming to our home (Melvin Eschenbaum's) on occasion for holiday dinners.  Sometimes they would go overboard on the drinking and become more boisterous then my father liked.  He once kindly asked them to leave giving bad impression to the children.  But, they were always welcomed back.   Dad said that one time they
were really feeling bad as they felt as if no one wanted them around.  They felt as
if they had no where to go and was so grateful that Dad would give them invites. 
Dad told them that we all had families that gave our attention.   Their choice
( or perhaps not) was to remain single and live on the farm.  So, they had to
accept what that all gave to them. 

              [ Photo ID's from 'cocktails and smokes' ]   Harry Paulson, Halbert, Jack,
                                                                                 Joe Paulson & Joe Staufer

Slim was the last of the brothers who lived on the farm.  He had intestinal cancer
lived about a year after diagnosis.  My grandmother Ida and I visited him and
that is when she asked him for their father's tool chest.  Slim readily got up and
went upstairs.  We heard a rattle of objects falling on the floor and down Slim
came with the trunk.  Having gone through many family photographs, seeing Slim
and his brothers at a youthful, healthy, vigorous and handsome time, I wondered
what kind of friends they were.  No doubt full of you know what and vinegar, but
also hard working due to the presence of Christ.  I was told that the Slim had not
money in his pocket even up to the age of 35.  He had to ask his father because he
held the money, for everybody.  During Christ's elder years he was becoming
more "senile."  So, secretly, the boys made an extra key for the money box and would
take money out for groceries.  Slim became the "boss" after their father's death. 
Though no doubt, their mother had clout. 

Otto is a "snappy" dresser


Snapshot "Slim"

Even though this is a photo of Halbert, Slim also rode one.  I was told that Slim use to run moonshine for extra money
during prohibition. There were a few distilleries around the area and Slim, sometimes Halbert would run supplies. 

I found this photo of "Slim" to be quite interesting for some reason.  On speaking with the Kinsley
family members, they called him "skinny."  I had not heard that before as my father called him "Slim." 

Portion of Hansen Family taken early 1940's

Back:  Otto, Helmer (Ham), Halbert, Ida, Anna, John, Karl & Martin

Sitting:  Ingeborg & Christ

Missing are Elizabeth & Josephine