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      Hansen's in Repose 

  Those who read this page in the past, the information regarding the Lutheran Church's of Christ and Ingeborg
  was all wrong.  As of May, 2008 I returned to Faulkton to research more data.  I contacted some long-standing
  members of the present congregation of the Lutheran Church and Irene Cordts, the accepted historian for Faulkton.
  The Faulkton Historical Society had a calendar with old turn of the century photos.  


                              Christ and Ingeborg were Norwegian Lutherans.
                              They did go to the Lutheran Church in Orient, So. Dak. 
                              However, apparently the Norski's and the Swede's did
                              not get along and they controlled the church there.  Thus,
                              Christ and Ingeborg attended the Lutheran Church in
                              Faulkton, S.D. 

                                The Norwegian Lutheran Church was located where the house at West Side Motel
                                 is now located.  It was built in 1909.   Christian Hansen bought a granary and had
                                 it moved there.  Members brought lumbar and built an entry and bell loft, although
                                 a bell was never installed.  The first service was held Dec.  25,  1909.  It was dedicated
                                 May 6, 1912.  ( No explanation why so late)  By 1915 the church was abandoned.  ( Now this
                                 continues to be a mystery as to why!  No preacher?  What and where did Christian and
                                 Ingeborg attend services.  Or did they? 

                                         I blew up the group of folks in the above photo as Christ is standing there.
                                He, I think is the 4th person on the left with the hat on the top row.  Enlarging this photo makes it
                                somewhat grainy, but if you look at enough photos of Christ, this person most resembles him.  Click
                                the photo for enlargement.  

                             This is a photo of the same church building after it was abandoned.  The steeple
                             is gone.  Why?  Robert Hansen says that he believed the steeple was along Hwy 14
                             somewhere.  I doubt that this wooden structure survived much since then.  Irene Cordts
                             says this is how she remembered the Lutheran Church when her husband attended. 
                             Phyllis (Hansen) Markegard, daughter to Halbert says that she remembers attending
                             the funerals of her grandparents and this is how she remembered the building.  (without
                             the steeple)  The parish was re-established in 1925. 

                             The article I got my information from states that the new Lutheran Church was
                             purchased in 1948 and remains at the same location just west of the present St. Thomas Catholic
                             Church in Faulkton.  The above building was sold.  Not confirmed, but it has been said that this
                             building ended up in Ree Heights on a farm to be used once again as a granary. 

                           This is the full page taken from a booklet on the history of the Lutheran Churches in Faulkton
                           and Ipswich, SD.  Short, but contains interesting information.  Click for a larger image. 


                   Of interest, while in Faulkton in 2006, my cousin Dale Eschenbaum received a call from a
                   member of the Lutheran Historical Society or something like that in Faulkton.  She had called
                   to inquire about Christ and Ingeborg Hansen.  Apparently she was going through some old
                   records and found an entry regarding the "Hansen's" complaints about the new addition to
                   the church building.  Apparently, the front entry was a building that was attached to the main
                   church building and Christ was not happy with it's appearance.  Said it looked like an old shed of
                   somekind (sheepshed). 


           Christ was a man of his times and carried the prejudices of that time.  He was very Lutheran and
           became distant from those children who left the faith.  His daughter Anna married a catholic and
           there was never a bond that grew.  Though Joe Kuper changed his religion, in his heart remained catholic
           and received    those rites when close to death.  My grandmother, Ida, also married a catholic and did not
           change her religion until after her father's death.  (This information is from his grand-daughter, Alice, daughter
           to Anna.)






Ingeborg is buried on the left and Christ is buried on the right.  They have an 8 plot
section of which all sons except for Halbert are buried.  He is in the Prairie View Cemetery south of Orient along with Leah. 

Josephine is buried in Montana, Elizabeth in Utah.  Ida is buried in
the Faulkton Cemetery in the catholic section with her family. 



(1883 - 1977)  
On Hansen farm)         ( Anna & Joe buried in Faulkton Cemetery next to catholic section)



                                           ( Elizabeth here*Utah* 1970)

       Josephine & Frank are buried in the Lakeview Cemetery at Conrad, Montana

              "Ham"                                                        " Ted "


                     " Ole "                                                                                             " Slim "



                      " Jack "                                                                            Wife to John





                                   Overall view of the Hansen burial area at Faulkton Cemetery



                                         Graves of William and Ida ( Hansen ) Eschenbaum

                                                            Prairie View Cemetery


                                  Halbert & Leah are buried 1 mile south of Orient, So. Dak.

                                                        Enlarged Photo of Tombstone



                     Overall view - Halbert's stone is to right of double white markers center-right