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Marriage records, military records, census records, and death certificates can be a treasure trove of information. However, they are very often full of errors and inconsistencies. Spelling errors can make them difficult to find. The name Mikkelsen has been spelled in ways you could not imagine. Sometimes I think people lied about their age. Sometimes the recorders were careless, or their handwriting was illegible. When I overcome all those obstacles, I get really excited when I discover missing pieces of the tree.

Most of the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire in 1921 in the basement of the Commerce Building in Washington, D.C. That's why it is rarely sited as a source. The 1940 census was released on April 2, 2012 http://www.1930census.com/1940_census.php. The National Archives does not release census records for 72 years for the privacy of the participants. The records I put on this web site are just a sampling of what I have gathered. For a complete list of sources for each individual, see our family tree at http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=mikkelsensmith.

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