Christy's Family
Christy's Family
Wilkinson Co. Folks
I am what you would call a Southern Girl. I was born and raised in Wilkinson County, Ga. As a child, I was brought up to be curtious, friendly, gracious, generous, sympathetic, and loyal. I was taught to get along with others, even if I did not agree with them. I learned about myself and my heritage.

My Southern upbringing has heightened my love of antiques and history. At a young age, I began learning to respect antiques and cherish the stories associated with them. These antiques afforded me the opportunity to remember my ancestors and recall the stories whenever I walked into a room. Over time and after hearing the stories repeatedly, I developed an overwhelming pride in my long-ago family members.

Pride in one's family is not based on whether members have made good choices. Like our ancestors, we make good choices and bad choices every day. It is our right to CHOOSE that is important! Some of my ancestors chose to fight in the Revolutionary War, some fought in the Civil War, but most didn't fight at all. I can honestly say that my ancestors' reasons for participation in these wars were based on their desire to make choices for themselves. In the Revolutionary War, they fought to create a new country with a government that would allow them to make choices instead of being told what to do by someone who couldn't relate to their circumstances. It was for this same reason that my ancestors chose to fight for The Confederate States of America. My ancestors believed that the Federal Government had too much power. Sound familiar? The Federal Government refused to give state governments more control of their residents' welfare, so the people basically revolted.

In the 137 years since the Civil War, our country has done a lot of changing and growing. It's people have acquired more rights and responsibilities. I am thankful to all who have fought and/ or died in order to protect our right to choose. In honor of my ancestors, I choose to fly their flags, dust their belongings, wear their plaids, pass on their stories, remember their way of life and learn and learn and learn.

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