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Who is Charles H. Tankersley Founder and owner of, and Send e-mail:CHTANK


Mr. Charles H. Tankersley, also known as chtank, is the founder and sole owner of Mr.Tankersley contracted for and pays for the host websites and domains "", "" & "" from his personal retirement, Social Security, and odd jobs income. He does not make any request for donations, grants, or gifts for the maintenance of the website or domain. The content of the website is solely the responsibility and property of Charles H. Tankersley's copyright.

Mission Statement:

CHTANK.ORG is established as a nonprofit organization to allow the owner and founder, Charles H. Tankersley, to:

  1. Promote continued adult education via distance learning and to distribute educational materials and websites produced by others which are offered at no cost or very low cost.
  2. Search for and promote schemes, equipment, and designs for producing non-fossil Renewable Energy and fuels as a means to sequester and reduce Pollution and foster conservation of our natural resources including fossil fuels.
  3. Conduct a study of means and methods of Space Colonization through a fictional story using as much scientific fact as it possible. For the purpose of the study, the story is called "science Faction".


Although CHTANK.ORG is a one person organization, it will incorporate links to literary contributions, websites and other documents as submitted and permitted by others provided that the spirit of the Mission Statement is met. Mr. Tankersley will remain the sole judge of whether or not the submission is appropriate. Any regular collaborators will be give a seat within the CHTANK.ORG organization. All contributors will receive recognition or a by-line and an e-mail contact link for their contributions unless otherwise directed. A select few volunteers may be entrusted with administrative access to sections of these domains.


CHTANK.ORG is funded entirely by Mr. Tankersley using a portion of his retirement income which consist of small odd jobs, a very small Enron retirement annuity and Social Security. Mr. Tankersley does not solicit for financial help nor does he expect any payment for his services within the CHTANK.ORG organization. Mr. Tankersley donates all the copyright information contained within CHTANK.ORG free of cost to individual citizens, entrepreneurs, small businesses and any other organizations that have need for or wished to distribute low cost education, Renewable Energy, sequester pollutants that create undo global warming, and/or who wishes to take direct action to address the environmental and energy issues facing the world today.


CHTANK.ORG will be continually updated and expanded as information becomes available. Mr Tankersley is was born in 1933 and with age has weakened physical abilities, hearing, eyesight and has a number of other commitments such as caring for his wife and family, thus, he is somewhat slowed in his response. The primary sources of information is the Department of Energy/Energy Efficiency-Renewable Energy (DOE/EERE), EPA, Dept. of Agriculture, NASA,various subscribed to e-magazines which include R&D Daily, ScienceDaily, FuelCellsToday, and from selected contacts with related businesses and manufacturers.