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Elizabeth Emery Chute
Date of Check-In: 9 November 2001

Elizabeth (Libbie) and her brother Robert are both descendants of a Thomas Chute and Mary McCarthy who moved from Ireland to Connecticut in the 1870's ... we're trying to see if the William and son Thomas are the people she's looking for, but if that lineage rings a bell with anyone, let us know.

Leonard Boyd Chute
Date of Check-In: 26 September 2001

Leonard Boyd Chute of Minnesota, grandson of Leonard Ralph Chute checked in, which was very much appreciated, as the Chute family records ended with his parents, aunts, uncles, etc. He says he has Chute relatives "from Alaska to Florida and beyond", so we expect to be receiving a lot of worksheets from that branch of the family!

The Industrious Francis Chute
Date of Addition: 04 September 2001

We've heard from the wonderfully industrious Francis Chute (see entry below), whose huge (400+ pages) work on the English Chutes will be completed in 2-3 months. Naturally, when that information arrives, the Chute database will probably double or triple - at the very least - and we'll see if multiple copies can be made of this private issue work ... possibly he's unaware of just how many Chutes are out here, waiting for this! Had he access to the Internet, we would have not been duplicating each other's work (almost word for word and theory for theory) all this time.

For example, my research and theorizing on the Baron Edouard and the Jutes segment could have been eliminated entirely had I known of just one segment of Francis's research:

"Chaloner Chute of the Speaker let it be understood that his surname "carried the memorial of that third nation of the Germans that conquered the Britons, commonly called Jutes" Manning's "Lives of the Speakers", p. 356

I also would have not have been so worried about upsetting the familial apple cart, so to speak, with my conclusion that Baron Edouard LeChute did not, in fact, exist, had I known that Francis came to the exact same conclusion via his scholarly research in Arundel. Both sides of the Atlantic went to some effort to disprove that the word "Chute" had originated in the word for "forest" or "forest-dweller", both of us focused on the area of Kent for our earliest ancestors, both of us began to doubt not the existance of Alexander, but the oral history surrounding him.

Hopefully now that we've linked efforts, we won't be doing the same work, on different sides of the Atlantic!

More on this to follow.

Dechute Family
Date of Addition: 28 August 2001

Two individuals from the Dechute family have been added to the database. The first, Ruth Louise Dechute Menefee was located through a database of California deaths, and the second, George H. Dechute was a veteran of the Civil War. We have enough people with similar names dropping by that you never know where we might find a common link.

Brian Joseph Chute
Date of Addition: 26 August 2001

Brian Joseph Chute dropped by, with the correction of the last name "Trembley" to "Tremblay" of his grandmother, who married Ralph Seymour Chute, and to quickly assure everyone that he hadn't, in fact, died, which is what our web site said. (Ooops!) Actually, in cases like Brian's, the "last known residence" showed up in some cases as the "place of death" -- so, if you see a place, but no date, that's what happened. Still, it's a little disconcerting to people, to be pronounced dead prematurely, so if I miss correcting these conversion errors as I go along, drop me a line and let me know.

Melvin Lee Chute and Harold Davis Chute
Date of Addition: 26 August 2001

Peg Chute was also kind enough to provide the notice of Melvin Lee Chute's recent passing, along with that of his brother Harold Davis Chute, Jr. within days of each other. Melvin's notice appeared in a Bridgton, Maine newspaper; Harold's was passed through family members, with the comment that this "was not a great year for the Chute clan." Thanks, Peg.

James Henry Chute, George Macready Chute and the Theatre Royal in Bristol
Date of Addition: 26 August 2001

It appears there is a great deal more historical information on James Henry Chute than there is genealogical, but he and his family are certainly well known to anyone interested in theater history. Frederick Steven (Steve) Chute, who provided the information on Anthony and Sir Charles (below) also has been collecting historical references to the famous theater family in Bristol, James Henry and his sons George Macready Chute and James, Jr., who were so respected in their profession that no less than George Bernard Shaw was quoted in 1899 as saying, "I told Mr. Macready Chute, the manager, that he should come to London to learn from our famous stage managers here how to spend ten times as much money on a pantomime for one-tenth of the artistic return." (That such a compliment would come from such a notoriously crabby and critical personage as George Bernard Shaw must not be taken lightly!) Should anyone be passing through Bristol any time soon, the University of Bristol's Theater Collection contains "The Adrian Varcoe Collection", described as having information on the Chute Family and Prince's Theater, and might be worth looking through! The information Steve has amassed thus far on this famous Chute family has been included in the notes section. There must also be a relative (John) listed as an actor in numerous productions, but it isn't clear yet whether this "John Chute" was related to James Henry, George Macready or James, Jr. Until his exact lineage is proved, we've included the text of the various Playbills which mention him in the notes for the others. Steve is of the belief that this family is descended from the "Chutes of the Manor of Coombe St. Martin, near Chard in Somerset."

Lester Allen Chute
Date of Addition: 26 August 2001

Carole Hooper Chute, wife of Lester Allen Chute up in Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada, has provided us with the most recent information on her family line - which was particularly helpful as we were missing one of their children entirely! We seem to missing dates and allied family data on this branch of the family, so it was terrific to hear from her.

The Reverend Anthony and Sir Charles Chute, English Chute Research
Date of Check In: 25 August 2001

Frederick S. (Steven) Chute located a terrific link to the "Old Alresford Place", which provided some more detailed background on how the Chute "Vyne" ended up in the care of the British Trust. (And the purchase of the estate in Alresford, Hampshire, pictured in this web site was able to be obtained by the Winchester Parish with Chute funds). The web site itself can be found by clicking here ... and the basic information it provided has opened up a new page on The Reverend Anthony and Sir Charles on this web site - Anthony died as recently as 1958. Now, if we could only piece together the intervening generations - these two gentlemen were, of course, direct descendants of the Challoner Chute family.

Steve also, while traveling across Great Britain, met the very same Francis Chute who visited my Mom and Dad and stayed for dinner one night, and with whom they'd lost touch. The good news is that Francis has since compiled a 2-volume (!!) set on the History of the Chutes in Great Britain, which caused great excitement on THIS side of the Atlantic, you can be sure! While we hunt down the unsuspecting Francis and beg him politely for the chance to look at the research he's done ... we should add that Francis is lucky enough to live in the Arundel region in Sussex. For those Chutes who haven't been fortunate enough to visit the "Old Country" (as most of us have been in Canada and The United States so long we'd almost forgotten we had one!), this region of Sussex, with the beautiful Arundel Castle overlooking the serene Sussex countryside, is one of the loveliest places in Britain. We'll update you on this exciting development, which Steve terms "a goldmine of English Chute information", as soon as we hear from the industrious Francis.

The Chutes Family
Date of Addition: 10 August 2001

We were delighted to hear from Barbara Chutes Fleming, just beginning to research her family's history; given the obvious similarities in the names, we're quite certain that we came from similar origins somewhere in the past. The history she did have was interesting, and I've created a web page for her family, in the event that someone else with the "Chutes" surname wanders through. Her paternal grandfather, Douglas Chutes, settled in Marietta, Ohio - we have several Chute's who also settled in that area. Barbara believes, based on her brother's research, that her branch of the family originated in Wales. As the Chute's (us) have only found origins in Great Britain, Ireland and a small number in Scotland, the Wales connection was quite interesting.

Garry Livingstone Chute
Date of Check In: 8 August 2001

Trevor Chute, son of Garry Livingstone Chute has checked in from New Brunswick, Canada and hopefully will be updating his branch of the family.

George Tupper Chute
Date of Check In: 6 August 2001

Cynthia Viator, a descendant of George Tupper Chute and his third wife Callie Howell, has checked in. Many of you already know another descendant of George's through his first wife Sarah Adeline Mayo, the famous Ray Chute, who has been of such invaluable assistance to so many of us through the message boards.

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