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The following books have information about our family heritage in them.  If you know of a publication, please submit it and I'll add it to the list.  Thank you!!

"The History of Vernon County Missouri ", by Goodspeed, 1887 , Brown & Company, St. Louis.   Browse the index to the book here:


"The History of Maries County", by Everett Marshall King, Ramfire Press, Cape    Girardeau, Mo, 1968.


"The History of Callaway County Missouri", by Goodspeed, Brown & Company, St. Louis.


"Historical Genealogy of the Woodson's and Their Connections", compiled by Henry Morton Woodson.  Published by Columbia, MO, Press of E. W. Stephens Publishing Co., 1915, 2 volumes.


"The Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers", by Edward Pleasants Valentine,  Richmond Virginia, Valentine Museum, 1927, 4 volumes.  Abstracts of records gathered by Mr. Valentine from the local and general archives of Virginia.


“Historical Sketches Presbyterian Churches and Early Settlers in Northeast Georgia” by Groves Harrison Cartledge. He was a circuit riding preacher and his sketches have provided the basis for much of the genealogical history of the Thompsons and other families of the area.


"Pioneer Families of Miller County", by Peggy Smith Hake, details the history and genealogy of the families that settled Miller County, MO.


"The History of Boone County", by Switzler, 1882 (reprint 1970), Western Historical Company, details the history of the early settlers of Boone County, Missouri.


"The History of Benton County, MO", by White & Miles, 1969, The Printery, details the history of the early settlers of Benton County, Missouri.