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These are just a few of the documents, obituaries and newspaper clippings I have collected about family members and relatives over the years.  

If you need source information, please email me.  I have sources,  including page and column number, on all articles and obituaries.

[Allen]  [Ames]  [Anderson]  [Arbuckle]  [Arft]  [Blankenship]  [Boice]  [Bradley]  [Brandon]  [Breckle]  [Clark]  [Clatterbuck]  [Collins]  [Crockett]  [Davis]  [Dillard]  [Dorton]  [Dunn]  [Evans]  [Foster]  [Frazier]  [French]  [Gillman]  [Gossett]  [Henton/Hinton]  [Hanna]  [Hays]  [Heuermann]  [Hines]  [Hodge]  [Hughes]  [Ifkovitz]  [Itinger]  [Jutton]  [Kimbrell]  [Lawson]  [Leopard]  [Logsdon]  [Massey]  [Mathews]  [McCarty]  [McGarvin]  [Miller]  [Minzes]  [Neuhart]  [Nichols]  [Nixon]  [Ogden]  [O'Neal]  [Overton]  [Parcell]  [Peacock]  [Porter]  [Pratt]  [Roark]  [Sallee]  [Saye]  [Sanders]  [Schubert]  [Schuchman]  [Sharp]  [Smith]  [Snider]  [Steele]  [Stone]  [Tavel]  [Thompson]  [Townsend]  [Tucker]  [Vaden]  [Vaughn] [Vest]  [Waldrop]  [Warden]  [Wilson]  [Wood]  [Woodson]   

 Rachel Isabelle Clark Tucker is, as far as I know, the oldest living member of our family at this time.  On a visit with her some time ago she gave me a copy of her family history and a copy of her handwritten memories about her life.  I have transcribed her memories and placed them here for you to enjoy.  One of her memories was reported in the local newspaperSadly, "Izzy", as she was known to friends and family, passed away on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 after a brief illness.  She was 93 years young.  

William D. Pratt (my paternal great great grandfather) was a well-known, and at one time a wealthy man, who lived in Jefferson City.  He was the first tanner in the area and also owned an ice house as well as being an auctioneer. Tanner Bridge Road in Jefferson City was named in reference to him.  This life sketch was published in a book as well as in the newspaper.  I hope you enjoy reading my  transcription of the article.