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Brick Walls

The following links are information regarding searches I am conducting.  These are what I consider my "Brick Walls".  I have little information to go on and all searches I have performed have come up with more questions than answers.  If you have any information on these people you feel is pertinent please email me.  If you are a family member, no matter how distant, please let me know that, too.  I would like to keep in touch and share information.  If you would like to contribute photographs or documents, they can be emailed to me as an attachment.  They may be scanned regular photos or digital images.  I will credit you with the donation on this site.  Thank you for your help!!  

Sarah Townsend Boice  Solved

John W. Steele   UPDATE 12/4/04

David Jackson Boice  Solved

William R. "Buck" Dorton  Solved

Virginia O. Dorton  UPDATE 7/13/07

Dorton Cemetery, Callaway County, Missouri   Solved and UPDATE!!

John W. Henton Solved

Zilphia Eugenia Henton   UPDATE 6/13/07

Otis Blankenship  UPDATE 

Julia Snider  UPDATE

Agnes Snider Minzes  UPDATE

George W. Tucker  SOLVED/UPDATE 7/20/05!!!

George Allen Nixon  UPDATE 4/14/05

Lulu G. Hanna  UPDATE 4/14/05

Tyra Montgomery Nixon Jutton  UPDATE 4/14/05

Greenup Tucker