My family list of Revolutionary War Patriots

My list of Patriots

Our family has had a number of Revolutionary War patriots in our past.  I have identified patriots on both my mother and my father's side of the family.  The list below is just the beginning I hope! 


My paternal 4th grandfather, Reuben Clatterbuck,  was a foot soldier in the Revolutionary War.  In his own words, transcribed November 19, 1833 by the County Clerk in Callaway County , Missouri, you can read about his service to our country. 

Reuben Clatterbuck's Revolutionary War Pension File

Martha Patsy Griffin Clatterbuck's Widow's Pension Application




Another patriot was Colonel Richard Saye, my paternal  4th great grandfather from Pennsylvania.  He served as a soldier in South Carolina.  As I gather more information on his service and death in 1779 at the siege of Savannah I will post it here for you to read. I submitted my supplemental application to add Richard Saye as one of my Patriots, which has now been proven and accepted.  

Richard Saye



My paternal 3rd great grandfather, James Thompson served during the Revolutionary War from Burke County, North Carolina and received a pension for his service.  As I learn more I will also post his service to our country here as well.  I submitted my supplemental application  to add James as one of my patriots along with his father Alexander, both of which now have been proven and accepted.

James Thompson

James Thompson Pension papers (PDF)



I recently learned that my own George Tucker from my mother's side of the family and my 4th great grandfather, was a Revolutionary War patriot as well.  I found a copy of his preemption warrant in Virginia.  I am very excited about this find!  It lists his residence and location of the improved land he was requesting for himself.  It also states he signed over the warrant to George Rice for value received on 6 October 1781.  When I find information linking George Tucker and Greenup Tucker as father and son, the DAR will accept my supplemental application.  UPDATE:  I was able to locate a deed of mortgage between Clark Tucker and his brother Greenup.  Clark is a proven link to George Tucker.  With this document lies the proof that Greenup is the son of George, Revolutionary War patriot.

George Tucker Preemption Warrant



The next patriot I recently learned about was Benjamin Hartley.  He is the great grandfather of Sarah Elizabeth Townsend, my 2nd great grandmother (and my 5th great grandfather), who family tradition says, is related to Lord Townsend of England.  The exact details of THAT story are not known to me-YET.  I will post more of Benjamin Hartley's information as soon as I uncover it.  According to DAR records he was an Associator.  I  found information in the Pennsylvania Archives regarding that fact.

Benjamin Hartley